Something told me NOT to buy the TV…

Turns out, it was my truck. Yes, my truck knew. It knew that I was going to need that money for something else. Namely, a transmission.

My truck has been acting up since last fall. And I did have it looked at right away. I trusted that the mechanics knew what they were doing. Further proof that I am much too trusting.

So, on my trip to Pittsburgh this weekend, the truck decided it had been long enough. She was good enough to get me there and back, which knowing what I know now tells me she really loves me. But right now she is sitting in some garage having her transmission rebuilt.

I have determined that I am involuntarily restoring my vehicle to it’s original condition. She’s only eight years old so I’m pretty sure this won’t get me into any fancy car shows, but by the time I’m finished, I’m going to have a brand new vehicle…one part at a time.

So far I’ve put on new tires, new brakes, new batteries (yes, that’s plural), and a new alternator. Can’t forget the new radio, that’s important too. Now, you might think this is me complaining, but I’m not. I was lucky to find this truck when I did. I was desperate, driving a vehicle in dire need of expensive repairs, and was running out of time on my pre-approved loan.

You’re probably asking yourself, what is the point of this blog? Well, I’ll tell you. Five years ago, I would have seen all of this as the universe conspiring against me. I would have cried and wailed and sworn I had nothing but bad luck and I could never get a step ahead.

But not anymore. Now I know this is just part of life. Things break. Things wear out. And life is expensive at times. That’s just the way things go. My truck will be good as new in a few days, which means I don’t have to worry about it leaving me stranded 500 miles away from home, and I have a rental car so I’m not stuck without a way around. My life hasn’t even been interrupted.

So I suggest to you, attitude is everything. I am living proof that positive thinking works. I say this all the time and I’ll say it again – If you expect bad things to happen, bad things will happen. BUT – If you expect good things, they *will* come your way. My life is not perfect, but I’m happier, more secure, and better adjusted than I have ever been. To me, that’s all the proof I need.

Have you managed to keep the negativity at bay? Do you blame things on bad luck? Or do you roll with the punches and keep that positive attitude through thick and thin? If not, I promise you the slightest change in attitude can make a huge difference.

PS: That picture above is of my little rental car. It’s even the same color. It’s a Dodge Caliber and I would never buy one, but Kiddo just loves it. I have to admit, it’s nice to be able to put groceries in the back instead of in the truck bed.

17 thoughts on “Something told me NOT to buy the TV…”

  1. I’m a mixture of both positive and negative. Sometimes I’m very glass half full, but I definitely fall into the half empty funk on occasion. I’ll try out the whole positive thing more often ,though, in your honor. It seems to work for you.

  2. Quantum says:

    Hi Terri

    Just checked out the pirate stronghold and found nothing! Are they ship wrecked or something? I always had my suspicions as to whether Sin really new how to use that sextant. *g*

    I always admire a gal with spirit who refuses to be beaten and always comes through smiling.

    Its the spirit of the Wild West and all that. I’ll bet that before cars you would have covered that 500 miles on horse back, fighting off injun attacks and extracting yourself from local scrapes using pure charm and a six shooter!

    OK I do know you live on the East coast but I mean if you didn’t………*w*

    Isn’t there something to be said for running a small engined, economic car for local journeys and hiring a big gas guzzler for the occasional long high mileage journeys? No? OK, that penny pinching calculating approach is more fitting to an accountant than a high flying, romantic Western Gal.

    You’re on the right track Terri. The image is perfect.You look great when you go with the flow. *g*

  3. terrio says:

    Kelly – it does work, I promise. Someone told me that this little message is what is preached in that Secrets book. And I’ve never read it! Now I wish I’d written it. LOL!

    Q – With gas prices at $3.59 a gallon it is not advised to take a gas guzzler on a road trip. And the Pirate Ship is up and running. Maybe you didn’t get the message that we moved. Try and you’ll find all your favorite wenches. *g*

    Now, 500 miles on horseback sounds kind of painful, I probably would have done it in a covered wagon. But since I prefer indoor plumbing, I’m happy I get to do it today instead of back then. LOL!

  4. terrio says:

    Ok, I’m still not whining or crying or screaming, but I might be a little LESS happy. The dude just called to tell me how much this lovely little repair is going to cost me. $2400!!!!

    Whatever was wrong actually turned my Torque Converter blue. My car parts were turning BLUE! Isn’t that crazy?! LOL!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Terri, Over here a ‘truck’ is a small lorry or a van that tradesmen use to cart their stuff around. Mrs Q never leaves home without tons of luggage and if you are the same then a large engine is needed for long journeys, especially if you drive fast, otherwise you will be seriously under powered!

    Perhaps thats why your transmission has fried…..metal turning blue could indicate serious overheating…….you overloaded the poor thing!

    My suggestion of hiring a more powerful vehicle for these long drives and keeping the small ‘truck’ for local use might make some sense then… least to me.

    $3.6 for a gallon of gas is incredibly cheap by European standards by the way!

    I hope it all gets sorted OK…….and never ever stop smiling.


  6. terrio says:

    Q – trucks are as common as cars over here and they are built to last (to steal a tag line from one of the manufacturers). Mine is a small model, 4 cyllander. And I pack light. *g*

    Though it is possible the problem was the many roadtrips. My truck is a 2000 model and was apparently purchased new by an elderly gentleman who never drove it. Which means it pretty much sat until I found it in 2006. The low mileage was great, but because it was never driven, it was never serviced. Hence, my problems.

    I know you guys pay much more for gas than we do which is why you tend to have smaller, more efficient vehicles. We seem to be the land of the gigantic SUVs which just amazes me. What the hell do people need all that room for?! We’re a nation of such spoiled, overindulgent people. *sigh*

  7. Ha, wait until you read my next blog post later this week. You are Pollyanna—I am Henny Penny—and yes, I call myself that. But you’re right; it’s all about attitude (and living in a fantasy world, LOL).

    We had to put in a new transmission last winter in my daughter’s car that she left with us so we could take care of it and she wouldn’t have to pay to park it in Boston. Uh, my husband got it stuck in a snow/mud rut in front of the house…and exactly $2400 later (it’s universal), it’s okay. And I’ve got something to lord over him, cause if I’d done what he did, he’d certainly never let me forget it.

  8. terrio says:

    Hehehe…you get him, Maggie. And that makes me feel a bit better. See, I know this happens to everyone. But to be fair, I’m only able to be so relaxed about it because I (by amazing luck)have the money to pay for it. That’s what happens when you save up for a house, then don’t buy a house. LOL!

    But it could mean no Disney World this year. The good thing about that is that I have a wonderful child. When I told her this might mean no DW, she said that was ok because the truck is much more important than DW. How about that?!

  9. irisheyes says:

    Ter, I’m sort of an Eyore! I struggle for the glass half full mentality all the time. And it is a struggle, but I try if for no other reason than to set a good example for my kids. I don’t want whiney, woe is me kids.

    The DH helps a lot though. He told them that our last name means “lucky”. My daughter grasped on to that and runs with it. She pretty much expects great things to happen to her all the time. My son is more like me – a little more cautious and pessimistic.

    I saw that Oprah with The Secret theory and it sounded pretty cool. Kinda like all the energy you send out you get back tenfold. So, I guess, now I try to send out less negative energy. You coulda made millions, girl!!!

    Good luck with the car and give Isabelle a big hug and kiss for being so mature!

  10. terrio says:

    Irish – Eyore is a cutie though. LOL! I know about that huge missed opportunities. If only I’d written that all down back in ’03 when I figured it out. But then since I don’t have those three little letters after my name – Phd – I doubt anyone would have published me.

    That negative thing was taught to me from birth. I’m still amazed I broke the cycle. And I’m working hard to keep Isabelle positive. So far, it seems to be working.

    Then again, she’s not 13 yet so there’s plenty of time for the tide to turn… That name idea is genius!

  11. Stephanie J says:

    Optimism is key. I try to be optimistic and look on the bright side of most situations. Oh, I’m not perfect. I don’t do it all the time, but when I notice myself getting down about a lot of things, willing myself to switch my outlook to optimism really helps.

    Ugh. Car work, tho. If there’s anything that gets me down it’s financial stress and car work just adds to it! My “check engine soon” light came on and I dread finding out what’s wrong. I hope it’s nothing serious. I have a 2001 model with 63k. I mean, one would hope I don’t have serious issues at this rate… Terri, did you mentiion how many miles your truck has?

    And as gas was mentioned…it cost me almost $50 to fill up yesterday. I know this is cheap in comparison to some but when you consider I have a two-door, well, I think you see how crazy it is!

  12. terrio says:

    Steph – I have a 2000 S-10 with 70K miles. I’d get it checked right away. LOL!

    And my truck is just a tiny 4 cyllander (sp?) but it’s cost me about $50 everytime I’ve filled up for the last 10 days or so. Crazy!

  13. Beth says:

    Attitude does make a difference but I can sure whine with the best of them. In fact a think a little whining is o.k. as long as it is of short duration. My life was crap last year as you know. The only thing that I could do was remember that I was so lucky is so many ways. I have the best husband, the best family and a job I really like. To quote Maxine my favorite curmudgeon “If you woke up breathing congratulations! You have another chance”

  14. Janga says:

    Ouch to the truck repairs, Terri, but what a terrific child you have! That’s ample reason to rejoice whatever the circumstances.

  15. MistyJo says:

    Terri, the $2400 sounds painful. Ely suggested drinking alcohol for my woes on my blog, and I’m beginning to believe that all of us could use a drinking night.

    Your kiddo is one smart cookie. I know that she gets it from her mom. 🙂

  16. Anonymous says:

    I’m totally the person who wakes up smiling, and walks around singing. Everyone pretends it’s annoying, but then they get really upset when I’m not happy. Just goes to show you, send out happy vibes and they come back trifold.

    One of my favorite lines I’ve ever read was from “Wayside Stories” (at least that’s what I think the title was). But it went somewhere along the lines of, you need a reason to be mad, but you never need a reason to be glad. How true.


  17. terrio says:

    MistyJo-those recessive genes again. Thank goodness! LOL! And my company is having a little party today so I might just follow that drink advice.

    Di – I knew my little bundle of joy would come through for me. It really is easier to be happy. Being depressed takes a lot of energy. That’s why depressed people are always tired.

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