Some Perspective or Living and Working With Idiots

I have this motto in life. “You don’t have to like me, but you will respect me.” I think I made it up, but I could have stolen it from someone else. I don’t particularly care right now. Mostly because I care about too many other things.

Which is my problem.

I think I’m a nice person, but I also know I’m a hard ass who likes (and expects) things to be done right. And “right” would be based on my opinion of “right”, of course. (See “hard ass” bit above.) The older I get, the more I find that most people could give a fig about doing anything right. From bagging my groceries to merging off an exit ramp. Courtesy and common sense have been replaced by apathy and arrogance.

And this makes me batshit crazy.

Mind you, I’m aware that this is *my* problem. Society at large does not owe me anything, nor do they answer to me. I, sadly, am not the Queen of the World. (Though wouldn’t that be awesome? I’d have a scepter and everything.) So if I want to find any peace of mind and prevent myself from needing meds for high BP and violent twitching, I need to find a way to stop caring about these issues.

To stop caring about what others do and how they do it. But it’s SO HARD!!

My puppy woke for her 5am pee (you could set a clock by this animal) this morning and I’ve been up ever since. You know those times when your brain kicks into overdrive and you can’t shut if off no matter what you try? I had one of those times. By 6:30 I gave up and turned on the light. By 6:40 I was crying. Why? No idea. Anger. Disappointment. Defeat.

Can you cry over clutter? That’s a possible cause as well.

Back to my motto. The tenants by which we live don’t mean much if we don’t enforce them. No one can make me feel angry, disappointed, or defeated without my permission. (Now this I know was said by others. Mrs. Roosevelt and Dr. Phil come to mind.) So this blog is my reminder to step back, gain perspective, and push through.
The only person I can control is me.
I have no intention of losing sleep over the idiots I encounter throughout the day. I should correct that. I’m sure many of these people are just like me and by the time their day is done, they’ve endured enough idiocy to be pissed off enough to cut me off in traffic. So I shouldn’t call them idiots.

But I still want to.

3 thoughts on “Some Perspective or Living and Working With Idiots”

  1. Maureen says:

    No, they are idiots. Even if it’s only temporarily. We all have the same idiot moments when driving. I always say a prayer of thanks that the other drivers allowed my idiocy without wiping the asphalt with me…

    That said…it’s okay to want the world to behave itself. And you deserve respect.

    I also think you’d be a fine queen of the world!

    Can I be your beloved court jester?

  2. TerriOsburn says:

    Of course you can! But you must be a pirate jester. LOL!

  3. MsHellion says:

    I’m sorry for the idiots; and you know I think they’re idiots. No job is worth your tears–except maybe writing and only when you’re writing the Black Moment.

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