Setting the New Year on FIRE!

Happy Holidays to all! I hope everyone had a spectacular holiday with family and friends and lots of laughs and good food. I can’t believe we’re coming to the end of the year already. Seems the older I get, the faster time passes.

First up, time to announce the winner of the week 3 giveaway. Congratulations to Jackie Wisherd on winning the anchor watch and book-themed trinket box! Jackie, I will be in touch. And thanks to everyone else who left a comment about your favorite charity. I didn’t get to comment as much this week, but I read all of them, and enjoyed finding worthy causes I hadn’t heard of before.

Now, onto the big finale. To celebrate the end of the holiday season, the end of a good year, and my birthday this week, I’ve saved the biggest prize for last. Drum roll please….


The final prize of 2014 is a Kindle Fire!


This contest is open to US residents 18 or older and runs through Saturday, Jan 3, 2015. (That’s so weird to type!) All you have to do is comment here about one goal you have for the new year. We won’t call them resolutions because that word always seems to come with negative connotations, so let’s say goals. Mine is to read more and get my body moving. No specifics and no pressure, just a solid goal or two.

After you comment, remember to enter through the Rafflecopter widget. If you don’t go through the Rafflecopter, you’re not officially in the contest, so don’t forget that part.

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85 thoughts on “Setting the New Year on FIRE!”

  1. Renee Rousseau says:

    My goal for 2015 is to eat and cook healthier. My first conquest is homemade soups…no more canned soup!

  2. Bertie. Welck says:

    my goals for 2015 is to stay in remission and also to get a new e reader.
    My e reader is dying a slow painful death
    Thanks for the great giveaway , will cross everything and pray

  3. Tonya Mask says:

    My goal for 2015 is to pass my medical assistant certification test to become certified and then once I start getting paid then pay off debts! πŸ™‚

  4. Shelly W says:

    To spend more time with my family minus the technology. Thank you. Happy New Year

  5. Robin Driscoll says:

    I hope to de-clutter my home and reduce my debt.

  6. Becca Barstow says:

    To help my kids become more responsible for their belongings and cleaning up after themselves! They are 11 and 7 (x2) and I’m tired of the chaos.

  7. Amy Lang says:

    I hope to try and stay more positive in the New Year! My first step towards this is I am going to start posting gratitude posts to my Facebook on a daily basis.

  8. Julia David says:

    I don’t set goals or resolutions. I try to constantly change what I feel needs to be changed and so I don’t make it a goal. I guess because I might disappoint myself.

  9. Holli F. says:

    I want to take more time off work. πŸ™‚

  10. Judy Pflueger says:

    What a great giveaway. Here is hoping that 2015 brings a lot of wonderful surprises your way.

  11. Sue C says:

    To have a better year. The last few years it has felt like there was a black cloud over my life.

  12. Jean White says:

    I will eat healthier this year and walk 5 out of 7 days.

  13. Robin Wilson says:

    I want to eat (and crave)less salty foods. It’s hard!!

  14. Felicia Ciaudelli says:

    To wake up and smell the coffee – LOL – and get back on track with my weight loss – I was doing well and then started going in the wrong direction yet again!

  15. Kay Martinez says:

    My goal this year as I approach the one year mark from my melanoma diagnosis is for no new sites to be found & no new medical disasters. My husband is a cancer patient too & we’re both pretty tired of that word.

  16. Angie Bartley says:

    My goal is to quit smoking sometime this year. I won’t put a date on it yet, since then when I miss the date, I just say oh well I guess I should just keep smoking. Instead, I am going to aim to cut out a little at a time, until I am smoking none a day instead of a pack a day.

  17. Nancy Costello says:

    My goal is to try to stay in touch more with family and friends and to read more.

  18. Terri Crossley says:

    My one major goal this year it to quit smoking! I have been trying for awhile and haven’t accomplished it yet but I am determined to do it this year!

  19. Patty Degmetich says:

    My goal for 2015 is to stop smoking!!! I know all the reasons to stop. But just have a hard time taking that final step. I have 8 beautiful grandkids I want to enjoy and see grow up.

  20. Doris Lankford says:

    My goal in 2015 is to find a full-time job. I have been working part-time for 4 years after being let go of a job I had for 26 years. Would really like to work more. Happy New Year.

  21. Darlene says:

    My goal is to try to get healthier by a better diet and exercise. I keep talking about doing this but now it is time to start

  22. Amy Beck says:

    Run a 5K.

  23. Leslie W says:

    My goal is to enjoy my time with my children more. And for them to know how much I love them

  24. Jo Anne says:

    I am going to lose weight and become healthier next year so I can be around for a longer time to enjoy my grandchildren.

  25. Shannon says:

    I hope to get to the gym more frequently and lose some weight.

  26. Sara Doyle says:

    My goal is to try and not be so quiet and “invisagirl” (my codename πŸ™‚ ) like, and to graduate from college in the fall!

  27. Ivy says:

    To get some of my personal TBR pile knocked out. I’m so far behind it isn’t funny….

  28. nikolle says:

    My goal is to find me. Three kids a divorce and a grandbaby on the way. Its time yo find out who i am. ANd focus on making me a better person. Celebrate the good and fixing whats broke. ANother goal is to cerish my loved ones more.

  29. Bev Sten says:

    My goals in 2015.. loose 5 lbs before son’s wedding in April. Finish house remodel before next Christmas (it’s been on hold for 3 years)!

  30. Amy Medeiros says:

    My goals for 2015 is to get healthier and gain more self confidence in myself…and try new things πŸ™‚

  31. Sandy Porter says:

    I’m horrible at these so maybe I will go easy. Procrasinate less & read more. I think this is best for me such I am the world’s best procrasintor.

  32. Jane Nelson says:

    My goal is to feel healthier and figure out where I’m suppose to be in my life.

  33. Rosemary Evans says:

    I have to give up Pepsi πŸ™ I will never lose the unwanted weight if I don’t…and I have to get my diabetes under control….maybe the weight loss will help get rid of the diabetes all together…wish me luck!!

  34. Nicole says:

    The most common goal…to eat healthier, exercise more, and spend more quality time with my kiddos.

  35. My goal for 2015 is to get in better shape and health. I have started already, I joined a gym in July and have been working out at least 3 times a week.

  36. Brandi B. says:

    My goals for 2015 are to eat healthier and exercise more. I used to really love the Zumba class that I used to go to, perhaps I will start going back to that again…it made exercise fun! Oh, and another goal…to get through the list of books that I have been wanting to read! Wish me luck!

  37. Donna Kellogg says:

    My goal for 2015 is to focus more time for myself.

  38. Cathy F says:

    For 2015 I would like to try and eat healthier and hopefully lose some the the extra weight I gained in 2014. I do exercise but need to change my eating habits.

  39. Robyn K says:

    I don’t set goals or make resolutions because I don’t keep them πŸ™‚

  40. cheryl c. says:

    My goal is to get healthier. Exercising more and eating right.

  41. bn100 says:

    read more books

  42. Krysten M says:

    Oh man, I want to exercise a lot more and travel/get out!

  43. Mary C. says:

    Catch up on my reading

  44. Marcy X says:

    learn to canvas paint this year

  45. Julie B says:

    my goals for 2015, be healthy, nurture my relationship with God and strengthen my relationship with my family

  46. Robin W says:

    I want to get my office organized & keep it that way.

  47. Barbara Tobey says:

    My goals are to eat healthier, exercise more and keep reading and reviewing.

  48. Nicole Millheim says:

    I want to live a healthier lifestyle and i want to get more organized!

  49. Carrie Conrad says:

    My 2015 goals are to get my life organized!

  50. Mike C says:

    My goal for 2015 is to get back into running and eating healthier.

  51. Phyllis Wenzel says:

    I actually have 2. One is to keep losing weight. And the other is to finally be able to buy our second home. We had to sell our first years ago when I first became disabled, and became apartment dwellers, now in 2015 we want to be able to buy a small ranch. Big goals but attainable. I wish everyone a very Happy, Healthy and Blessed New Year.

  52. Susanne Z. says:

    A goal for me is to take the time to read more…as a caregiver, I find I need that escape – if just for a little while.

  53. Brenda Rumsey says:

    One of the top goals on my list is to try and encourage others more. So many are going through hard times….I want to bring a smile to their lives.

  54. Rachael Brown says:

    My goal for 2015 is to be better organized and to eat healthier.

  55. Julie says:

    I really want to work on my mentality. Thinking more positively and having more confidence in my decisions.

  56. Carolsue says:

    As with every other year — lose weight! Eat healthier! Exercise more!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  57. James Hubbs says:

    My goal is to read and write more. Another new year and another fresh start!

  58. Michele Hayes says:

    My goal for 2015 is to lose 10 pounds, eat healthier and live a healthier lifestyle. Happy new year to you.

  59. Julie Raye-Rod says:

    Getting stronger mentally and physically and eating healthier.

  60. Terri says:

    Happy New Year! You all are ON IT. Add me to the lose weight/exercise club. I’m really going to do it this year, as my word for 2015 is travel and that’s going to require walking. I need to be in better shape!

  61. Prasert says:

    Happy new year to everyone! I really want to push myself this year in terms of athletics.

  62. Jocelyn says:

    Start with no sugar January and a more regular exercise routine!

  63. Donna says:

    I had a really wonderful 2014 and am hoping to continue with my healthy eating and exercise πŸ™‚

  64. Write my first book. πŸ™‚

    1. Terri says:

      You can do it!

  65. Rebecca C says:

    I hope to eliminate some stress from my life and enjoy things more.

  66. Shannon says:

    My goal is honestly short term I want to be able to see my son graduate in May. And to see him start college in the fall which is really amazing to me cause he only 16

  67. Kate Sparks says:

    Move more!

  68. Cindy Werner says:

    I am hoping to strengthen my knees this year so I don’t have to use my walker anymore.

  69. Shari says:

    My number one goal is to get healthy by diet and exercise. I am also going to donate blood every six weeks.

  70. Deborah says:

    I want to get back to a good routine about going to the gym. I’ve gotten out of the habit. Plus, more gym time means more reading time, so it’s a win-win. (I read while I use the bike and the treadmill)

  71. Kasi McKenna says:

    My biggest goal for 2015 is to stay positive. Instead of seeing the negative, see the good in everything. My divorce was final last year, and I am trying to find a house / home for my son, chihuahua, and I. Help my son finish high school this year. Redefine myself… Starting with not letting my weight rule me. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

    1. Terri says:

      Kasi, you just described where I was 12 years ago. Thinking positive makes all the difference in the world. You can and you will do this. I know from experience that we’re all stronger than we think. πŸ™‚

  72. Marie says:

    Making a positive difference in someone’s life is my goal for this year.

  73. Jean McMurry says:

    My goal is to keep myself in good shape this year, that means the gym 3 times a week, eat healthy. since my aim is to live to 100, and I’m 81, so I might just make it.

  74. Donya says:

    I want to get healthy over the last 2 years I’ve had 5 surgeries and 3 biopsies…. So it’s time yo get better.. And shapen up…

  75. Audrey says:

    My goal is to live a healthier life so I can enjoy my grandkids and retirement, hopefully in the near future.

  76. Karrie says:

    Getting fit, eating better and saving some money

  77. Steve Rosales says:

    I WILL find more time for family time. Read more books to the kids , have family game nights.

  78. Gina Meier says:

    Leave more book reviews, I am terrible and skipping to the next book in a series. Plus typing them out on my Kindle drives me crazy. Have a great new year Terri!

  79. Missy says:

    I want to clean up our digital photo files and get some printed up for scrapbooks.

  80. Linda Henderson says:

    Mine is to get out more and be a little more social. I’m a homebody and sometimes I have to be forced to get out. I’m going to work at that this year.

  81. Deb Jackson says:

    Lose weight, eat less chocolate but be more positive, devote more time to housework and still be happy.

  82. Mine is to be a better Christian and help other people more besides my family. And to take my grandchildren to church every Sunday.

  83. Sheila Fiske says:

    My goal is to read more books for 2015!

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