Reflection on the first game…

Well, I’m not going to lie, it could have been better. But, it also could have been worse. Unfortunately, the team we played had something we don’t have, a pitcher. I adore my little girls and bless their hearts they tried, however, we just haven’t found our pitcher yet.

There’s a six run rule which means at the point a team scores six runs in an inning, that half of the inning is over and the other team gets a turn. There’s also a rule that no game should exceed 90 minutes, but for some reason that rule wasn’t followed. Lovely.

Anywho, it took two hours to complete three innings (yes, that’s as painful as it sounds) and all done in nearly 100 degree heat. I kid you not, it was a mostly unpleasant experience. And I have the sunburn to show for it. (Yes, I took sun block. No, I did not put it on. *sigh*) But once the parents saw there’s was more than little old me could handle alone, they hopped off those bleachers and did a great job to help me out. I really appreciated that.

So the final score was 18 to 15. We came up three runs short due to a couple of girls I couldn’t convince to stop swinging at bad pitches. But I appreciate how much they wanted to hit the ball. And the ones who did hit the ball did a terrific job. It’s nice to know that the majority of our runs came from hitting and not walks or beamed batters. The beamed batters thing is a whole other subject.

We have two practices before our next game and if I’m correct, the team we play Saturday is a group smaller and with less experience than us, so it’s going to be another long (in time) short (in innings) game. It’ll be pitching, pitching, pitching all week. Maybe my kiddo will have some luck. If nothing else I know she’ll be able to get it across the plate. Now, getting it over without killing anyone is another question…

Anyone else spending time at the ball field these days? Anyone else have an extremely uneven and splotchy tan like I do? I suggest buying stock in anyone producing aloe as I’m pretty much keeping them in business.

8 thoughts on “Reflection on the first game…”

  1. Stephanie J says:

    The heat and the time does sound miserable but it’s so good to hear that they tried and seemed to have a good time. I’m also glad other parents stepped up…it can be so hard to coach b/c you’re right, there is so much!

    I’m pretty sure Aloe is also in my future. No burn yet but I still have the bow tan line on my back from the first time I was out last summer and (shocking!) the first burn…ya it was bad! Yep, stock in an Aloe company will probably skyrocket from us! 🙂

  2. terrio says:

    Steph – I can’t help but feel the adults have turned this into a giant waste of time for everyone, but most of all for the girls. In the next town over where Kiddo played last year, the coaches pitched in this age group and it was way more interesting and exciting. We got entire games in in less time than it took us to play 3 innings on Saturday.

    But I signed up for this and I can’t walk away now. *sigh* I’m going to work with my Kiddo on pitching hoping for a miracle. She’s the oldest and largest girl on the team so she should have better luck getting it across the plate. Getting her not to bing the ball off the batters should be interesting. LOL!

    Sorry about the sunburn! Mine is a little better but it’s so annoying knowing these weird tan lines stick around forever. LOL!

  3. irisheyes says:

    LOL! Sounds like my life for the past 7 years. It can get very frustrating at the stage you’re at, Ter. Watching my two up until about 2 years ago was a painful experience. The first thing my kids used to say when they got back from their first practice is “At least we’ve got a pitcher!”

    I don’t know how they draft out there, but here every kid is rated and each coach has to pick so many kids from each rating. That avoids the teams being stacked and as they get older they specify specialities – pitcher, catcher, etc. That way no team is without a pitcher. Even so it’s chancey. I believe my daughter is on a team now that has very little pitching, but 3 catchers! Should be interesting.

    I just found out at my son’s game last week that we don’t have the 6 run rule anymore but we still have the 90 minute rule. And they adhere to that religiously cause we have so many teams that need the fields. I like the 6 run rule because we really slaughtered the other team last week and I felt really bad! I kept saying to the DH – they should really stop this – it isn’t very sportsmanlike! He seems to think our time is coming and we may be on the receiving end of the 14 run inning.

  4. Janga says:

    My sympathies on the time and the sunburn, Ter. We have both soccer and baseball going now. The five-year-old is really good at soccer, and he’s not lacking in confidence either. His dad was boasting at a family gathering last weekend that M had made ten goals. M said, “Next time I’ll make 61.” I wish I could think like that. LOL!

  5. terrio says:

    Irish – That’s our problem, they didn’t draft. They put all the girls that had played before on one team then threw the rest on two different teams. We have three teams, one with almost all 9 yr olds and another with almost all 7 yr olds. Then our team has a mixture but is mostly 8 yr olds.

    The bottom line is that the adults have totally screwed this up for the kids in so many ways. First, they should have spread the girls around so they could learn from each other, then they should have left it coach pitch so they’d actually get a chance to play the sport, not just walk around the bases.

    I’m putting my kiddo on the mound but I have no idea if she’ll do better than the others I’ve tried. Fingers crossed! LOL!

  6. terrio says:

    Janga – That is some serious confidence right there. LOL! My girls don’t know enough one way or the other. In other words, they don’t realize we’re not very good and they don’t know enough about the sport to feel confident in their own abilities. LOL! I’m just hoping things get better so that they’ll come back and play next season. I’d hate to be responsible for them giving up on the sport completely.

  7. Quantum says:

    18 to 15 doesn’t sound too bad.
    It just means that Lady Luck favoured the other side on the day!

    Must be difficult without a good pitcher. Couldn’t you somehow arrange for a transfer from the winning opponents? Its not like you’d be poaching David Beckam or anything.

    Sounds like you’re doing great at coaching though. Its all about team work and somehow I reckon that you will be inspiring great loyalty.

    Have you tried one of those broad rimmed sun hats?….perfect for a hot summers day.

    You could add a feather to the band for each win. *grin*

  8. terrio says:

    After yesterdays beat, I’d be happy to lose 18 to 15. LOL! I’ll post an update blog tomorrow. We had two games this weekend and came up short both times. *sigh*

    Sorry, can’t do the poaching thing. And I was wearing a visor, but it didn’t help much. However, I have managed not to forget the sumblock again. 🙂

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