Random Observations/Revelations

I think I’ve hit some kind of transitional time in my life. Or a few brain cells have grown back. Either way, I’ve made some recent discoveries/observations about life in general and my life in particular.

We’ll start with life in general.

1.) When did tooth brushes become impressive collaborations of engineering and artistry? My new tooth brush could hang in a museum. Four colors, ridges, bumps, ergonomic shape and three different textures. The bristles are not only different colors, but different lengths and pointing in different directions. What exactly is going on in this mouth of mine? I mean, I know my teeth are crooked, but how could they know that?

2.) What must it be like to have thighs that don’t touch? I’ve noticed women like this over the years, ones whose thighs have never been introduced. Strangers performing an important task autonomous of each other. Oblivious even. Though I like my curves, sometimes, part of me would like to know what this would be like. It’s so foreign, I can’t even imagine it.

3.) When did common courtesy become extinct? On the roads, in restaurants, at the mall. We won’t even mention public restrooms. (Okay, technically I’ve mentioned them. Whatever.) It’s a wonderful day if I make it from point A to point B without using language seriously unbecoming a lady. In fact, I can’t remember the last time it happened.

4.) Cell phones are the final straw in the decline of civilization. I’ve sat in a restaurant sharing a meal with as many as half a dozen people, and everyone at the table was on a cell phone. Except me, as my child was using mine. Recently I witnessed two women out to lunch together and ignoring each other while texting other people. Texting while driving is the newest threat on the highways. As if we needed another hazard. The bloody things should be outlawed and we should return to the days when we didn’t have to be in touch every second of the day and night.

That’s enough whining about the world, time to move onto me.

1.) Life is for the beautiful people. I realize that doesn’t sound like it should land in this section, but it should.

2.) Though I’ve found getting older has many benefits, some things never change no matter how old you get. I have no discipline. None. In fact, getting older makes one more aware of exactly what they should be doing. Being aware and actually doing these things are light years apart.

3.) I’ve figured out why I eat too much and fail to exercise. No, I’m not typing it here. It was hard enough to admit to myself.

4.) My daughter has reached *that* phase. This weekend, I attended a basketball game. I didn’t know anyone involved, but (and this should say it all) there were boys playing that my daughter knows. Yes, we’re now going out of our way to attend events for no other reason than there are boys involved. I’m frightened and a little excited at the same time. And admit, the game was sort of fun to watch.

Anyone have anything to add? I’m off to have a brownie. Or three.

9 thoughts on “Random Observations/Revelations”

  1. MsHellion says:

    The thighs observation nearly had me snorting Mountain Dew out my nose. Hilarious.

    Life is for beautiful people. I watched 2 movies this weekend that proves this: Extract and The Invention of Lying. Funny, and yet not… *LOL*

  2. TerriOsburn says:

    Isn’t it so true though? About the thighs? What must that be like?!

    Never heard of Extract, I don’t think. I’ll have to look it up. Did you like The Invention of Lying? I like Ricky, but I think he’s an aquired taste.

    He was on The Daily Show last week and it was freaking hysterical. The man will say anything. I loved that they let it air the way it was, which was highly bleeped. LOL!

  3. MsHellion says:

    I love Ricky, but I too am an acquired taste. But I like British comedians. I mean, I think Russell Brand is hysterical. And Rowan Atkinson. The guy who plays House (hilarious!).

    Ricky is supposed to be on the Marriage Ref, which comes on Thursdays. I think he’ll be a riot.

  4. irisheyes says:

    I love the one about your daughter, Ter. The whole boy/girl thing kind of freaks me out but I’m handling it. I sat and listened to my daughter psycho analyze the guy she likes and was very impressed. I wish I had her self esteem and knowledge when I was her age. Blew me away. Now all I need to do is worry about the boy. I’d like to say he’s the DH’s responsiblity but that thought scares 10 years off my life. LOL

    You know what really wigs me out big time – all the Facebook, Twitter sites. I don’t know why but something about letting teenagers go online and post what they’re thinking and feeling at any given moment just seems like an accident waiting to happen. I’m trying to jump into this millenium and get onboard with a lot of stuff but there is just so much TMI happening all over the place.

  5. TerriOsburn says:

    I loved Ricky’s comedy special. The bit about the horses and men not being able to put Humpty back together were hysterical. And the man really will say anything.

    Irish – You’re already in the teen years, aren’t you? Bless your heart. Though aren’t boys a little easier? I’d be worried about him getting his heart broke, or getting a girl pregnant.

    Nevermind, not easier at all. *sigh*

    Though I bet DH would step up and do right by the boy when it mattered. Grant it, he’d give him some ideas you’d rather he not have, but still. LOL!

  6. Janga says:

    Now I am seriously depressed thinking bout my thighs, my lack of discipline, and my inability to just say no to chocolates and ice cream. 🙁

    I think ten in 2010 is what 14 used to be, a bewildering combination of childhood and moving beyond childhood. The oldest grand makes me laugh when she has pretend conversations with her BFF on an old cell phone, but I stop laughing when so much of the conversation is about clothes, the cutest boys, and what celebrity is dating which athlete. The boys aren’t growing up nearly as fast. The nine-year-old talks about video games and baseball, and he still says, “Girls! Ewww!” LOL!

  7. TerriOsburn says:

    No need to be depressed, Janga. Truthfully, I think it’s weird for your thighs not to touch. Even if I was in perfect shape, they’d still touch. It’s more natural IMO.

    Though that could be a rationalization.

    I think you’re right about the age stuff. She’s more where I was around 7th grade maybe, so at least 2 or 3 years ahead. Thankfully, she’s not changing boyfriends every other week. In fact, she hasn’t had one yet. But she gets her share of crushes.

    Now, the phone calls and texts are enough to drive me nuts. For now, she’ll get right off the phone when I say, but that will change soon I’m sure and I’m dreading it.

  8. TerriOsburn says:

    Irish – I forgot to mention, there’s some website that posts all the stupid/crazy entries on Facebook. And I can’t remember what it is now. People will say ANYTHING on there. Personal, private, gross – doesn’t matter.

    Needless to say, kiddo does not have her own Facebook nor will she anytime soon.

  9. irisheyes says:

    I know, Ter. My daughter wants one but hasn’t asked her father cause she knows what the answer will be. I’m amazed just looking at his Facebook page what grown adults will put on there, let alone what teenagers would post.

    He keeps explaining to her that he has to have a page for work (he’s an IT guy and needs to stay current on all the latest trends), but he thinks it has the potential to do more harm than good.

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