I have been moving every two to three years since I was 18. Several of those moves across state lines. I’m odd in that I’m a creature of habit who loves change. The bigger the better. However, when I bought a house two years ago, I knew my frequent moves were over for a while. I’d have to find another way to get my change fix. That’s probably want has brought on this new intense desire to PAINT ALL THE THINGS.
Before moving in, I painted the bedrooms upstairs and paid someone else to (poorly) paint the downstairs. Kiddo’s room is still fine, mine isn’t what I wanted but I can live with it a while longer. However, I really don’t like the colors downstairs. Don’t get me wrong. I picked them and liked them well enough at the time. But now they’re just dull.
Ugly concrete floor
Thanks to a water heater incident in January, I have concrete floors in my living room. Thanks to an air exchanger issue a couple weeks ago, I have concrete floors in my kitchen, front hall, and downstairs bath. Basically, that’s my entire bottom floor. Concrete.
This is bad in that it’s, well, ugly. Mostly. I guess some ugly ass bright orange carpet would be worse. But it’s hard and cold and…concrete. There is a pro to this though. No drop cloths required. I can tape off the trim and start rolling. Eventually.
Painting requires money. Not a lot, but more than I can spare in the budget right now. So I must wait. Also on the “to be painted” list is the kitchen cabinets (they’re going white), my dresser (it’s going silver/pewter), and maybe the kitchen table. Haven’t decided there.
New colors on old blah color
The new paint in the living room (sandy walls with a dark red accent wall) will require new curtains, though the throw cushions will still work. Will need a slip cover for the couch. Desperately want to install screen/storm doors. (Again, money.) Oh, and the ultimate project, knocking out the top half of a wall. Clearly, that will be for the professionals. Might leave the tile backsplash up to them as well. We’ll see, I could probably handle that one.
Basically, I’m nesting. Or wish I could be nesting. I had to settle for moving my bed around. That was free!
Do you like change or do you prefer to stay put? Do you enjoy decorating up your place or could you care less what’s around you? (I can’t stop looking at the Home Décor stuff on Pinterest. I think I’m an interior designer trapped in an artless body.) What’s the favorite room in your house and why?

14 thoughts on “PAINT ALL THE THINGS!”

  1. My goodness. This sounds like me. I am desperately wanting to redecorate my living room and family room. I need to paint as well. New curtains, new throw pillows. New ceiling fans. I kind of have a deadline, too. We want to get new flooring in our downstairs next year, after tax return time. So I want all this painting done before then. That’s only like 6 months away. Less.

    I’m like you though. I’ve never been this long in some place that I call mine. We painted when we moved in, but I’m sick of those colors. I want new, fresh colors. And new fresh curtains.

    I’ll get around to it. Maybe after this first draft. I’ll take a few weeks to paint and whatever in Nov.

    It’s a plan.

  2. TerriOsburn says:

    Then you can come help me paint! Bring the kids. I’ll have my teen watch them. Maybe they’ll make her happy all she has is a puppy to deal with. 🙂

    I SO want to paint stuff. And change the ceiling fan. Totally forgot about that. The ones in my house are so cheap and need replaced. New light fixture in the kitchen too.

    I usually put aside my tax return for RWA nationals, but I won’t have to do that this year. So it looks like March may be redecorate time in the Osburn household!

  3. MsHellion says:

    I hate painting–and I think white walls look crisp, fresh, and CLEAN. (If you saw the nasty antique gold color my mother painted the living room when I was a kid, you’d understand my need for white walls.) HOWEVER, I do like a good accent wall. My apartment has an accent wall because the apartment manager asked if I hated it or if he’d need to paint over it–being I’m lazy and I like green, I said, “Looks great! Leave it!” and it’s fine. Very fresh looking.

    He did try to paint the bathroom the same green and I said, “No.” Because I’m already not pretty enough that I can afford to have a green glow added to my skin when looking in the mirror, you know?

    Your colors look really good. I love blues and greens, but I always thought neutral colors with a warm color (like red) always made for a nice library or living area. I think it will look really lovely when you’re done…and if you could manage it before the flooring came, you wouldn’t have to worry about protecting your floor. *LOL*

    Despite my hatred of painting walls, I did see a project in a woman’s magazine about painting a fall colored tree above one’s bed…it was gorgeous. I immediately want to do it, but I think I might shoot for greens, like spring or early summer because that’s MY favorite season. Should be similar in scope, yes? Be just as relaxing? I wonder if my apartment manager would hate me if I did that to my wall in my bedroom?

  4. MsHellion says:

    (Oh, but I would LOVE to decorate with new pillows and stuff! THAT I can get behind!)

  5. TerriOsburn says:

    Do it, Hellie! And different shades of green would be lovely. My kitchen/front hall is actually a VERY muted green. Just a hint. But it’s too subtle. And in truth, the dude I paid did such a horrid job, that’s probably part of this. But I need that light sandy color to brighten the space up. With one small window (middle townhouse) I need all the light I can get.

  6. Robena Grant says:

    I love change. But I also know that if I change one thing there will be a domino effect. I’m seriously on a strict budget for about another twelve months. If I want change these days it’s limited to cushions, bed linens, or rugs. : )
    But you know, you have a perfect opportunity here for painting without too much mess. So I say paint and be happy!

  7. TerriOsburn says:

    I’ve been on a strict budget for years, Robena. 🙂 Though I guess I spent my home improvement dollars this year on getting to Nationals. Priorities and all that.

    Think I’ll try to do the accent wall in the next couple weeks. Easiest wall to clear to get to and should take the least amount of paint. Though I’ll have to lock the dog away somewhere until it’s dry.

    Then again, maybe red stripes would look interesting on the white fur ball.

  8. Diana says:

    I want to nest, but like you, I can’t afford to do it yet. So I’m settling with getting rid of the bed, and basically, streamlining our lives by getting rid of the things we will NEVER use again. It’s a great way to declutter the mind as well.

    But if I could, and we could afford it, I’d go crazy. Restoration Hardware, watch out!

  9. TerriOsburn says:

    I need to find a good restoration place here. There is a large antique store I want to try. It’s right off the interstate so I only think about it when I’m driving by and headed somewhere else.

    The ideas on Pinterest are sooooo cool. Lots of DIY projects. Even something as simple as mounting your curtain rods from the ceiling instead of the wall. Sounds weird, but it looks cool and easier measuring.

  10. Maureen says:

    You’d love my Mom. We figure every house she’s ever lived in could be measured by the number of paint coats… Like tree rings, you’d know my Mom had been there by the color changes. It’s always been her favorite way to remodel.

    I’m thinking of my study, but most of the house needs repainting…but Mom was talking to me about using a glaze process for the office…

    Paint used to be the cheap remodel, but paint has gone up in price as it’s been made more environmentally friendly.

  11. TerriOsburn says:

    Until 2009, I never painted anything. I remember my grandmother having one room painted some salmon color when I was a kid. Other than that, NOTHING ever changed. (I grew up in my grandmother’s house.)

    I’m really more about moving things around. A new configuration brings a different energy. I didn’t move my bed last night in order to help me sleep, but that happened anyway. Woke up totally rested this morning. First time in a while for that.

    Once I paint this time, I don’t think it’ll happen again for a long time.

  12. Maureen says:

    Painting is addictive…even now, at 80, she has plans to paint pieces of furniture…

  13. TerriOsburn says:

    I have never painted a piece of furniture but I really want to. And I WILL paint my stair railing. Remember that railing from the Brady Bunch? THAT is in my house. (Built in ’75.) It’s black bars on the bottom and the wood block thing on top. Hideous. Must be painted.

  14. Wendy says:

    I’m terrible at decorating. After 12 years in this same house we finally started painting the walls last year. Once you do it it’s not so intimidating!

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