One Week In and… oh look over there

In case the title of this blog didn’t clue you in, I’m a bit distracted these days. You would think that having a new book flying off the virtual shelves and bringing books 1 AND 3 with it would be the distraction of which I speak. (Type?) But you’d be wrong.

Normally, this would be the case. I wouldn’t be able to get anything else done because I’d be watching numbers and writing guest blogs and totally spaced out staring and drooling on my book covers. But life these days is anything but normal (understatement of the year) so what is hogging my focus right now is something that most would consider dull. Maybe even more of an annoyance.

I’m getting new carpet!!

I know. Weird, right? WHY would I be excited about this? Let me explain. Is too much (to quote Inigo), let me sum up. Last year, my household experienced what I unaffectionately call the water curse of ought 12. (Just go with it.) Between February and August there were three, count ’em THREE, major water leaks in my house, resulting in all the flooring on the bottom level being ripped out. The result has been kiddo and I (and various pets) living with concrete floors.

But no more!!Cover High Res UTtC

The tile was installed during the big concert week (because I must complicate my life to the Nth degree) and the carpet arrives tomorrow. I CANNOT WAIT. It’s a simple thing, I know. Many people have carpet. It’s not that special. And it’s going to be a pain finding a place to stage all the furniture for the install. But it’s still going to be an awesome day because WE WILL HAVE CARPET!

Okay. I might be a leetle too excited. And in case you think I’ve completely forgotten about the books, I am also very excited to announce all three Anchor Island books are currently sitting in the top 800 rankings on Amazon. Which is AWESOME and I can’t thank the readers enough. (Which reminds me, sign up for my newsletter today (if you haven’t already) because I am giving away some great stuff to one lucky subscriber this month.) (Did I just do parenthesis inside parenthesis? Yes, I did. Is parenthesis the plural of parenthesis? Probably not.)

So thanks! Also, CARPET!

Your turn. Got any home disaster or renovation stories? (Did I mention I just finished painting my living room? It’s going to be so pretty! With CARPET!)

10 thoughts on “One Week In and… oh look over there”

  1. Jess says:

    I would be excited about new flooring too! Scratch that–I AM exited about new flooring too!
    We are installing new flooring over Christmas break.
    We had no ‘disasters’ to warrant this new flooring, just wear and tear after 8 yrs, 2 kids, a husband (who surprising can make just as many stains as the 2 kids) a dog, 2 cats and a handful of preschoolers. Did I mention I’ve owned and operated a preschool on my home for 5 of those 8 years? No? Well as you can imagine we NEED new floors!
    Our initial plan was to install them over spring break earlier this year but we got invited to Vegas. Being as I’d never been, I said flooring-snoring! (Or flooring-boring both work and neither are Vegas!) The husband and I jumped at the opportunity to enjoy our 1st childless vacation. At the time our oldest was 6 and the youngest was four. Out youngest had NEVER spent a night away from both of us. Plus, I got to see Circ du Soleil AND Boyz II Men? They might call it Sin City, but I called it Heaven!
    Fast-forward to now and I am also looking forward to new flooring! Finally!
    With that I say: Yay for flooring! Your toes will love you! You will have to walk around barefoot and squish your toes in the carpet! … That might need to be in a book. 😉

    1. Terri says:

      Ah, my people. You get me! I’ve never been a home owner before so every time I get something new, it’s exciting. And could very much write a heroine excited to have new carpet. In fact, I like that idea a lot!

      I am worried about the cats. I have 3 of them and woke once again to a VERY nasty hair ball. It was, of course, on an area rug when there was like an 8 ft section of concrete she could have hit. Sigh. I need to invest in one of those hand held steam cleaner things.

      Good luck with your floor. You’ll need to share pictures with us over on Facebook when you get them done. And heck yeah Vegas over floors! LOL!

  2. Hellion says:

    I can’t tell what’s happening. Is something going on at your house? *LOL*

    Yay for those guys who are laying your carpet. And yes, I said that on purpose. Can they come over later and lay–sorry, it’s just one of those days. One of those long, long, long, long days.

    Can’t wait to see the pictures; and congratulations (MUCH DESERVED!!!) on your climbing up the charts! You rock!

    1. Terri says:

      Thank you, ma’am. It does have an off-color connotation when you put it that way. So far I’ve dealt with the tile guy, three fence guys, and the guy who quoted the carpet. Nothing romantic at all. My life will never be a RomCom movie. (Which is probably for the best.)

      And I have realized that in painting my living room, I put it right back to the color I painted over when I moved in. Sigh. Hindsight and all that jazz…

  3. Marnee Bailey says:

    I’m laughing about you painting your living room the color you painted OVER when you moved in. I remember moving in here and I got dizzy with the color swatches. I picked a different color for every room. I didn’t realize that all that color is completely not my style. (Have I mentioned that most of my wardrobe is gray?)

    I’ve spent the years since then repainting to a monochromatic palate. Le sigh. Monochrome.

    SO happy for you and your new carpet!! I can’t wait to see pics!

    1. Terri says:

      To be fair, there is the red accent wall. And it’s RED. I found some pictures we took before we closed on it and it’s definitely the same tan. The good news is we never painted the hall where the stairs are so it blends right in. 🙂

  4. Hellion says:

    Marn, no worries–I prefer a less vivid hue selection for my walls too. Just because I think a house should be relaxing, a refuge.

    But I am cracking up she’s painted it back to the colors it was before. Probably just as well. After she painted it, her floor flooded–it’s only right everything has been restored. *LOL*

  5. Terri says:

    I didn’t realize it was the original color when I bought it. And the floor didn’t flood until 15 months after the initial painting. Pretty sure that’s not it. 🙂

  6. Jan says:

    Have literally just finished reading Up to the Challenge and really enjoyed it, thank you. Went mooching on your website to find out if and hopefully when Book 3 was being released (good news about next April by the way, thank you again) and found this blog…

    I have carpet envy, well flooring envy in general actually. I have swirly brown and cream carpet throughout my whole house that I have lived in for 7, yes 7, years. The carpets are as old as the house and the house was built in 1978!

    I wish you well with your new carpets and hope I get around to my re-flooring before I get delivery of Book 3!? 🙂

    My excuses for the delay so far…Young boys, 2 old dogs (RIP my gorgeous Jacks – Oscar & Charlie), followed by a mad malamute/border collie mix puppy named Alf who delayed my new flooring even further. Now I have teenage boys who trail mud off footy boots and a landscaper husband who set their example…..delight!

    We have managed to lose all of the patterned, shiny wallpaper though and have painted all walls magnolia just to try and tone down the carpet…LOL.

    Hope I haven’t bored you but couldn’t resist joining in!

    1. Terri says:

      Jan, I think I might love you. You must comment on all of my blogs! Thank you so much for loving the book and looking for another. I’m happy to report book 3 is DONE and I do love how it turned out. And there is more of an ending! The first couple ended a little abrupt, I know. But I went out of my way make sure that did not happen a third time.

      Now, you’re going to find this funny. When I was a child in the 80s, my grandmother replaces all the carpet in her house. With brown and cream shag! LOL! That’s the carpet I grew up with. I would feel totally at home in your home!

      But I do hope you get to replace it. I picked a much lighter tan, which means I will now be investing in a hand held steam cleaner. 🙂

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