Not Going There

The NOT Series

Getting fired was not part of my plans. And neither is he.

I have always been a woman on a mission.

Finance degree? Check. Career with a prestigious firm? Check. Loving friends and family who have my back? Check and check. Up until now my life has gone to plan. So how in a matter of weeks has everything fallen apart?

First, I got fired. Totally didn’t see that coming, and I was not amused by the stranger who tried to tell me that getting canned—or streamlined as my newly-appointed boss had put it—was a good thing. But job hunting got me nowhere, so I reluctantly took that same stranger’s unsolicited advice and decided to freelance until I could find the right position.

So when I met my first client in person, I never expected to walk into a balloon-filled office and come face to face with—you guessed it—my freelance fairy godfather. He’s everything I am not. Childlike. Easygoing. Laid-back to the point of making a sloth look anxious. But he’s also creative, charming, and kind of a genius.

On paper, he isn’t my type at all. And yet, I find myself enjoying our time together more than I’m willing to admit. Still, I can't possibly fall for him. Not only is Miles my client, but he and my family are as different as night and day.

So...we are not going there. Even if I really, really want to.

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