Not Always Meant To Be

Warning: I’m going to begin this blog with an overused pop culture reference. Apologies in advance.

This one time at band camp, some friends and I played with a Ouija board. Since this was a Catholic high school band, this an even stranger event than it seems on the surface. If you’ve never played with a Ouija board, I’ll give a brief description. The board is covered in letters, numbers, and some short words (think yes and no) and there’s a small plastic triangle with a round window in the middle. Two people lay their fingers lightly on the sides of the triangle, someone asks a question, and allegedly the spirits move the plastic to answer.

So what did a bunch of 13 year old girls ask? Well, about boys, of course. (I know. You’re shocked. Stay with me, it gets better.)

When it was my turn, I asked, “Who will I marry?” The plastic triangle moved over the initials D and O and I spent the rest of the day trying to think of what last names started with an O so I’d be prepared for the new moniker.

Two disclaimers. I was not moving the little plastic piece, nor did it feel as if my friend on the other side were doing so. And I did not know a boy with the initials DO. However, nine years later I would move to Nashville on a whim and within 48 hours of arriving, meet a man by these initials. Just over two years later, I would marry him.

*cue Twilight Zone music

I’m not writing this blog to back up the validity of a game sold in the toy aisle as something mystic. (Though I also see no reason to temMeant To Bept fate and welcome such a thing into my house these days.) My point here is that I asked the wrong question. What I should have asked is “With what man am I meant to be?”

Okay, I wouldn’t have asked with proper grammar, but whatever. You see, DO wasn’t my meant to be, and in my debut novel, Beth Chandler is engaged to a man who is also not her meant to be. But she does find him by the end of the book. Actually, she finds him in the first chapter, but it takes a couple hundred pages for the truth to hit them both.

I often wondered what the board would have told me if I’d asked the right question. It was pretty accurate on what I did ask, so I can’t help but think the answer was right there, at my 13 year old fingertips, and I missed it.

Have you found your meant to be? If so, how did you do it? Every played with a Ouija board? Would you?

7 thoughts on “Not Always Meant To Be”

  1. Sharlene Wegner says:

    Never played with a Ouija board, but In know what it is! I guess I have found my “meant to be”. We have been married for 22 years, so if he isn’t, oh well! Too late now!

    1. Terri says:

      Good job, Sharlene. Give the hubs an extra squeeze from those of us still looking. 🙂 It’s not fun out here!

      1. Sharlene Wegner says:

        Oh, I know it isn’t easy. Lots of toads first- We got married in our early 30’s. Before that, I spent a lot of time at the gym & happy hour! And the beach, back when the body had hope ( maybe it was the gym time!) My little sister is 45 & still looking.Hope you both can find him!

  2. Hellion says:

    I am completely spooked. I cannot believe you messed with that. *LOL*

    But yes, I love the spin you’ve learned from it. NICE.

    I believe I’ve found my MTB, but am not asking the ouija board to confirm it in case we’re in disagreement. And no, I don’t believe I would “play” or participate with a ouija board–it’s like voodoo, certain things you don’t play with. You engage them seriously or not at all. *shrugs*

    1. Terri says:

      I was 13. What did I know? Clearly I didn’t know to ask the right question. And I’d forgotten about this incident until I had been married for a few years. Somehow it came up in conversation and I remembered. I was a bit spooked at the time too.

  3. Irisheyes says:

    I’ve found my meant to be, but it took a village (cousins, sisters, a therapist)! LOL I fought it for a while, but finally saw what I was meant to see. To turn your phrase a little – I think I was looking for what I wanted (tall, dark, handsome, sophisticated, etc. etc. etc. – all surface no substance) instead of what I needed (kind, responsible, reliable, spontaneous, good heart and funny!)

    I know I’ve played with the Ouija board but have no clear recollections so it couldn’t have been that memorable.

    Hang in there, Ter. And if you’re a praying gal, pray for what you need not what you want. 🙂

  4. Terri says:

    I’d swear I responded last night, but I see I only THOUGHT out my response and didn’t type it. Yeah. It was that kind of night.

    I appreciate all the sentiments, but this blog really wasn’t about me finding a man. LOL! I don’t know what 30 seconds I would spare to deal with that. Goodness. I get woozy just thinking about it. I like my space and my time, so I’m good.

    I love that it took a village to find yours, Irish. LOL! That’s too funny. Seems anything that’s really right for us, someone else has to convince us to do. Unless you’re Fanny Brice, then no one is going to rain on your parade. 🙂

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