Making A List….

It’s that time of year again, the time when I face that dreaded question – “What do you want for Christmas?” I never have an answer for this question. I mean, what I’d really like is a new car. But you can’t ask for that. Well, maybe if I had a husband, but I don’t have one of those so that’s out. Other than that, I got nothing.

Last year my mother and sister asked for a list. Geez, if I can’t come up with one thing, how the heck do I come up with an entire list? Somehow I did it and the list was basically all gift cards. That’s really what I want, gift cards. Feeling proud of myself for having a complete list, I sent it through. And then my sister informed me she didn’t want to get me gift cards. Huh? But that’s what I want, I said. Nope, she said gift cards are impersonal and I had to come up with something else. The woman is a total pain in my ass year round but she tops herself at Christmas.

I want to state right now that gift cards are NOT impersonal. I love going shopping. I love getting new clothes for work, picking up a new CD, or buying something nice for the house. And what would make that shopping even better would be to get to shop without spending any money. That’s a dream day!

Since I can’t remember getting a single thing I wanted last year (and some I definitely didn’t want!), I’m sticking to my guns and pushing for my gift cards. So far on the list are cards from iTunes, JC Penney’s, Cato’s, and Target might be fun.

What do you have on your Christmas list and if you made a list of stores where you’d love to spend a day shopping, what would it include? Do you usually get what you want? Anyone want to buy me a car? (It was worth a shot…*sigh*)

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  1. Beth says:

    I have no list this year. We are building a house and all I would like is money. Terrible I know, but the truth. DH and I are taking a long weekend away so we aren’t exchanging presents. Bottom line is that it is a Scrooge kinda year. I hope next year I feel more of the spirit.

  2. terrio says:

    Beth – You need to add a giant gift card to Home Depot to your list. And maybe one from Lowe’s too. Do plumbing companies do gift cards? LOL!

    You deserve a trip away. Relax and enjoy yourself and I’m sure next year when you’re celebrating in your new house you’ll be filled with all the spirit you can stand.

  3. Stephanie J says:

    I think gift cards will always have that negative connotation! But they really are wonderful because you can use them when it’s best for you. I love getting clothing at Christmas but it’s also nice to be able to save a card until the summer when I need (and want) new warm weather clothes. And nothing tops a B&N gift card! I could probably get one of those on every holiday and be extremely happy each time.

    As for the current list I requested B&N gift cards along with tea stuff, bath stuff, pajamas, and more. Never thought I’d see the day where I asked for lotions and bath stuff since it always seems like I have way too much but I’ve been purging my closets and I actually got low!

  4. J.K. Coi says:

    Hmm. We’re not giving gifts this year. We pretty much decided between our extended family that the kids were the only ones getting something. And between hubby and I we will be getting a gift for “the family” instead of individual presents (except for kiddo).

    Having said that, I’d like a new MP3 player. Please.

  5. Anonymous says:


    I love gift cards. I’m actually able to choose what I want without feeling guilty about asking for it. Does that make sense?

    I always never know what to say either when people ask for what I want for Christmas. I mean how do I say: A new house. LOL.

    This Christmas we are seriously “budgeting” so it can’t be that much fun. But we still want out children to enjoy it.

    So we mostly give our children time for the holidays since money is an issue this year. They enjoy that. Hopefully it “counts” for their future memories of Christmastime.

  6. Janga says:

    My family has cut way back on spending this year too. Everybody’s buying for the kids, and mostly that’s it. The same thing is true with friends. Most of the people I know are spending less. One group set the gift limit at under $10. I’m finding that limit a fun and creative challenge.

    A fringe benefit is that things are less stressful–fewer shopping hors, less wrapping, and a lower balance on the credit cards. 🙂

  7. terrio says:

    Steph – Several years ago my sister bought me a sweatshirt that no one under 70 should ever wear. Since then, I’m scared to death for her to buy me anything clothing-wise. I LOVE gift cards and I wish people saw them in a more positive light.

    JK – Hope you get your MP3 player. LOL! It always cracks me up when people agree not to buy anything because they always end up buying something. It just feels wrong to get absolutely nothing no matter what we say.

  8. terrio says:

    Anon – You got it exactly right. I can get what I want without sounding demanding and without worrying that someone will buy me the wrong version or the wrong size. It’s buying me the shopping spree, not just some meaningless card.

    I’m sure the present of time will stick with your kids well beyond the latest sweater or gadget. When I think back to Christmas, I always think of those hours in the kitchen with my grandmother. Or the times we all spent together. That’s what it’s all about!

  9. terrio says:

    Janga – Lower CC balances is definitely a must right now. And I bet it would be fun to find cool gifts for under $10. I’ve found this cute store by my house called $.39 Bargains and it’s sort of a dollar store but the stuff is nicer. Some of the stuff is really nice and the prices are so low. I don’t know how they do it, but I bet I’ll be buying several little gifts in there this year.

  10. irisheyes says:

    I love gift cards and wish people would stop knocking them. I think giving a gift card to a store I really love is a thoughtful gift.

    I feel extremely guilty spending money on books. I visit the library once or twice a week! So, unless I get gift cards to bookstores I don’t get the books I want to keep. A gift card to a bookstore is a huge gift to me.

    My wish lists center around household items lately (or B&N gift cards) – crock pot, new pots and pans, a griddle. All the stuff that’s either wearing out or that I don’t really need but would like.

    We’re also going to try to cut down this year. We’ll see how that goes… my DH is usually pretty thrifty (the nicest term I could think of), but when Xmas rolls around he’s ready to break the bank.

  11. Quantum says:

    Terri, If you can’t ask for the car without a husband, then logically you should ask Santa for a husband.

    Afraid I’m not much help with this stuff….as you see!

    Me, I would like to win Janga’s holiday anthology contest for Xmas. The competition looks pretty stiff though, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. *g*

    Failing that, a bottle of vintage scotch would be a nice consolation prize.

    Whatever you get for Christmas Terri, I hope it makes you smile.

    Laughter is free after all and is worth far more than a glittering hooha……wish I knew what that was! *g*

  12. terrio says:

    Irish – That’s funny about your DH being less *thrifty* at Christmas. And I’m glad there’s someone else who loves the gift cards. Best wishes you get a loaded B&N card!

    Q – I’ll pass on the husband, thanks. I’d rather have the car. Much less hassle. LOL! And you’re right about the laughter. I think we forget that too often. Since you always make me smile, it’s like Christmas all year long having you around. 🙂 Thanks and Happy Holidays, Q!

  13. I really don’t want anything but to spend some time with the kids. We’ll be away for New Year’s, so that’s the ‘present.’ I haven’t bought a thing yet for anybody but probably will have to.

    And I love gift cards, and give them often. I hope your stocking is chock-full of them!

  14. terrio says:

    Oh, Maggie, you’re taking a trip for New Years? Can you tell us where you’re going? Since I’ll likely be sitting on my couch at midnight, I need to live vicariously through someone. 🙂

    This year my stocking won’t have anything in it unless I put it there. But if my sister and mom come through, then I’ll throw the gift cards in there!

  15. MsHellion says:

    I’m a fan of gift cards. Esp Barnes & Noble gift cards. *LOL*

    I also have a wish list at which is completely random and full of things I wouldn’t buy for myself on a bet. Which is why they’re on the wish list. But I don’t expect anyone else to buy them either. Top of the list? The collector’s book of Tales of Beadle the Bard.

  16. terrio says:

    I’ve never thought to go out there and make a wish list. That might be fun. Though I’d keep telling myself I don’t really need the things I’m picking. That’s a terrible habit of mine. LOL!

    I am going tonight to see about getting a new car. Fingers crossed but don’t hold your breath. I know I’m not. 🙂

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