It’s What Day Again?

This year is flying by! The days are going so fast, I’m missing them entirely. My latest newsletter hit email inboxes on Friday, which included the name of my most recent subscriber winner, and not only did I forget to announce the winner on Facebook, I didn’t even email her!

Nov Prize

Fun Prizes!

Congratulations go out to Jocelyn McGaffic, the lucky winner of an Ocracoke Island tote, signed copy of UP TO THE CHALLENGE, beach-themed bracelet, and a copy of Susan Mallery’s THREE LITTLE WORDS. Congrats, Jocelyn! (And sorry for the delayed notice.)

Another lucky subscriber will be named on December 1, and since we’re going into the holidays, I’m upping the ante a little. The next winner will get a signed copy of UP TO THE CHALLENGE and a $50 Amazon gift card to do some fun online shopping.

Lead singer of The Maine

Lead singer of The Maine

Now, about these missing days. Part of the problem on Friday was that I had things to do that took me away from my computer. This always messes me up. The big to-do that day was taking in another concert with kiddo. We’ve seen 8 shows in the last year with three of those in the last three weeks. This time was The Maine and thanks to lingering outside after the show, kiddo got to meet some band members.

I remember what I would have given to meet my favorite bands back in the day, so every time I see her beaming smile as she gets a hug from another band member, it makes all the late nights and lost hearing worthwhile.

Pat the drummer of The Maine

Pat the drummer of The Maine with Kiddo

And it’s keeping me young, too. Now we take a couple months off and gear up for more shows in 2014. Fingers crossed the lineup for Warped Tour 2014 is a good one. *g*

But back to the holidays. Am I the only one who feels completely unprepared? I saw people planning their Thanksgiving dinners on Facebook yesterday. I can barely plan what I’m going to wear tomorrow. I have this fear I’m going to blink and it’ll be 2014. Which would not be good because I have a lot to do before then.

Are you ready? In case you’re not paying attention, Christmas is only 7 ½ weeks away. You’re welcome for the panic attack.

6 thoughts on “It’s What Day Again?”

  1. Karen j says:

    Youre not alone! 🙁 I am not the least bit prepared! Usually Im almost done shopping by this time but not this year. 🙁

    1. Terri says:

      I think my home renovations are sucking out the few brain cells I had left. Which isn’t good, as I need those to write the next book!

      I would like to finish the shopping pretty early in December. I’d do it now, but I’m holding out for the sales. 🙂

  2. Sharlene Wegner says:

    I used to love going to country concerts. My daughter & I used to also go to the tours for SYTYCD and American Idol. We saw Kelly Clarkson at Jones Beach, too. As for the holidays – it will be last minute & probably online shopping. Not too much to get. I do need to get my stuff for TG contribution, before the store runs out of green beans, mushroom soup & onions! And veggie dip mix.

    1. Terri says:

      Right now it’s looking as if pooch and I will be hanging alone around Knoxville for T-giving. So no cooking for me! (For the sake of full disclosure, it’s always no cooking for me. *g*)

      Kiddo grew up going to country concerts. This year we flipped over to her music and it’s been fun. Though I’ve always wanted to see one of the SYTYCD shows. This was the first season in a while I didn’t watch all the way through and I missed it. 🙁

  3. Jan says:

    7 ½ weeks! Well thanks for that! We don’t celebrate Thanks Giving over here so I guess I have it easier than you as I am only having to think about the 7 ½ weeks to Christmas… far I am up to catering for 9….me, husband, 2 sons, husband’s Mom & Dad, my brother and his 2 sons and of course the dogs….think I am up to capacity so just need to get my act together and prepare. Bring it on, I adore Christmas….family, lazy days at home, long wintery dog walks and of course my dad in law’s slow gin to warm you up from the inside out 🙂

    As for concerts and music…has anyone heard of 80s British bands like Human League, The Specials and Heaven 17? They are still doing the rounds over here so me and husband screech back to our youth and have a nostalgic evening every now and then. We took our sons to see The Who play their Quadrophenia album in the Summer….wow, what a treat….Roger Daltrey & Pete Townsend were fabulous and it was crazy to see a crowd ranging in age from 70 year olds to teenagers…what a night!

    Anyway, back to the present, and all the very best with your Thanks Giving preparations.

    1. Terri says:

      Jan, as much as I love turkey, I’ve rarely celebrated the holiday in the last 10 years or so. I’m often alone and there’s no cooking that kind of meal for one.

      Now the Christmas you describe sounds nice. Especially the slow gin. 🙂 The Human League are still performing?? I didn’t know that. Never heard of the other 2. Or I’ve forgotten them, which is always possible. The Who live? Now THAT would be an incredible show!

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