I’m Still Here!

My name is Terri and it’s been almost two months since my last blog. Sigh.

I’d swear it was still January about twenty minutes ago. Then again, February felt like four months instead of one as we were all trapped by snow and ice. (Okay, not all of us, but a lot of us.) So it is with great pleasure that I welcome spring’s arrival. (Except that my yard already needs mowed, but I’m ignoring that for now.)Osburn-HisFirstandLast-17604-CV-FT-V6

The big news is that we are now within the six week window for the release of HIS FIRST AND LAST, which is the first in my new Ardent Springs series, set in small town Tennessee. You’ll still get the fun characters, the sarcastic bits, and the angsty love story, but with less water and working cell service. And more twang.



Getting closer to release date means more activity over here, and more prizes up for grabs. I’ve missed doing giveaways, and who doesn’t like free stuff?? Oh, speaking of, I have a fun one running over on Fresh Fiction this month. It only take a click or two and you could win this beautiful emerald tennis bracelet. (I so should have bought one of these for myself!)Elegant Emeralds Bracelet


AND for today (Wednesday 3/18) only I’m giving away a book over on my Facebook page. My buddy Wendy LaCapra just launched her debut historical, and it’s awesome. And you should read it. And if you comment on my thread over on Facebook, you just might win it. 



Now I have to climb back into the writing cave. I’m working my little fingers to the bone to write the second in the Ardent Springs series, and this is always the most stressful time. I do well under pressure, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy it. Send good writing thoughts my way, and I’ll send good winning thoughts yours. 



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