I’m Dyin’ Ova Here!

Signing long shot For three years straight, I have attended the RWA National Conference, and for three years straight, I’ve loved it. San Fran gave me horrible jet lag, DC was spread out so far I think I walked a couple hundred miles in less than a week, and in Orlando I nearly melted.

But I still loved every minute.

This year, I had to make a choice. Did I want to go deep into credit card debt in order to attend in New York City? Mind you, I’ve never been to New York City and I was so excited about staying IN Times Square that I used an image from the hotel website for the desktop background on both my home and work computers.

I was going.

But then the time came and reality set in and it simply was not possible. I joked that it might be hard when the conference actually began, reading all the updates and all the fun online, but I was sure I’d be fine. I would still be attending a conference this year, that being Moonlight & Magnolias in Atlanta in the fall. That conference would be smaller and shorter and the big one – cheaper.

So really, I’d be fine.

But now the National conference is about to begin and people are posting pictures of the view out their hotel room windows and the people milling about in Times Square and talking about museums and Broadway shows and the dang thing HASN’T EVEN STARTED YET.

This is, perhaps, going to be harder than expected.

So, what to do? I’m trying to cope by writing, reminding myself how much debt I’m not accumulating, and concentrating on M&M as well as Anaheim in 2012. (Oh, I’ll be there. If I have to light that credit card up, I will be there.)

Stop_kvetching There are diversions such as the Not Going To Conference Conference over at Romance Divas forum. And Pitch University as well as Romance University make connecting with industry folks and killer workshop type stuff readily available. But there’s no meeting up in the bar or “Did you see so and so’s shoes?” or even “We’re going to face one more baked chicken dinner together!” kvetching.

I’ll just have to get in some extra kvetching in Atlanta. (Fascinated that “kvetching” is in my Word spell check dictionary. Huh.)

If you too are skipping the festivities this year, what are you doing to keep yourself busy? Any and all suggestions welcome. (I thought Twitter would be worse, but Facebook is killing me. I might have to avoid both of those this week.)

12 thoughts on “I’m Dyin’ Ova Here!”

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one! I may have to leave Twitter for the entire week. Okay, like that’s gonna happen. But I am WAY more envious than I was last year when I read all the updates online. Probably because I have lots more Twitter friends than last year. Sigh.
    It makes it even tougher because I love NYC, and haven’t been there for a couple years. I’m trying to focus on writing, so I don’t obsess on all the fun I’m missing out on. But it’s tough.

  2. Marnee says:

    I was just thinking this same thing last night!! And it’s particularly painful because I could hop on a train and be there in 2 hours!! ARRGGHhhh!!
    I keep telling myself I should be able to get to NJRWA this year, but I know it’s not the same.
    All this envy is providing lots of writing motivation, though. I wrote almost 1K last night.

  3. Terri Osburn says:

    I’m actually keeping Twitter closed for now, Donna. Though trolling through Facebook is almost harder because there the pictures fly at you. At least on Twitter you have to click them to see them.
    And I’m with you on it being in NYC making this harder. As I say, I’ve never been. I’m not normally a site seeing kind of person, but I’d be all about the sites in NYC.

  4. Terri Osburn says:

    Go, Marn! I took last night off (unless you count writing this) but wrote 2-3K over the weekend. I’m trying to keep my head down. I knew the day might come when I wouldn’t be able to make a conference. I just didn’t know it was going to be this depressing. 🙂
    NJRWA is a good one. That’s the first one I ever attended in 2007. I hope you make it over there, but you could always look into a trip down south and come to M&M. 🙂

  5. Sabrina says:

    I must be a glutton for punishment becuase I can’t stay away from twitter and my #RWA11 column. Following it the past day or so has really fired me up.
    And by fired me up I mean pissed me off.
    It’s been a whole freakin year since I went to Nationals and had a kick-ass time with Terri and Maureen and learned so much.
    A whole freakin year and this WIP is still not done. I mean by using the conference as a time marker it makes it even more significant that I need to get my ass in gear.
    So, I’m hoping this is the fire under me I need to stop playing at it and get it done already. I know it’s a mess that is going to need TONS of revisions, but I just have to keep going to THE END.

  6. Terri Osburn says:

    Don’t beat yourself up too bad, Sabrina. I attended in 2008, 2009, and 2010 and only had a rough draft done before the 2010 event. It’s no 2011 and that book still isn’t good enough to be submitted widely.
    Progress is progress. You have thousands more words than you had last year. Words you like and struggled to get on the page. And you’ve had ups and downs at the day job. We’re in the same boat lady, We just have to float along at our own pace.

  7. Yeah, my mom was so excited for our going – me and Terri – and looked forward to hearing about it from me. Then I had to bow out, more due to the dates than the money, though that did weigh into my husband’s relief!
    I was fine until people starting posting on FB. ARGH! But we’ll do it in 2015 and make a big splash and have kick ass shoes!

  8. Terri Osburn says:

    We’ll take the town by storm, Maureen!

  9. I need to start training my feet to handle heels now…

  10. Terri Osburn says:

    That’s not an option for me. Unless I have knee replacement surgery before 2015, which I suppose *could* happen.

  11. Janga says:

    Maybe it’s because I don’t have RWA conference experience, but I’m loving all the posts and pics. I share in some of the excitement, but miss the crowds and chaos, which is fine for me. I skimmed some of the workshop handouts too. I’m sure they are not as good as the actual workshops, but they gave me some ideas.

  12. Terri Osburn says:

    I think I even had a hard time back when everyone went to Dallas and I’d never been. But I’m the extrovert who never wants to miss anything. 🙂
    It’s getting better, Janga. I am enjoying the pictures and Bria Quinlan tweeted a panel yesterday, which I loved being able to follow along with. I think all the excitement of getting there and the site-seeing was the worst part. (I hope.)

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