I Can’t Believe It

It’s over. I think I’m a little dazed and going into shock. Three and a half years of my life have been dedicated to obtaining my Bachelors degree. I’ve taken my last final, turned in all the reports and papers, and I’m done. *blinks* It’s really over. I mean, I knew it would end someday, but it still feels unreal.

In December of 2005, I had a new apartment I couldn’t afford, a temporary job that didn’t pay the bills, and a truck out for repossession. I had no presents for Christmas and no idea where I’d get the money to make the two trips I was required to make from Virginia to Tennessee. With everything falling apart, I somehow made the decision to go back to college. I decided to sign up for online classes when I didn’t even own a computer.

The difference from then until now is astronomical. A change in mindset, in lifestyle, in circumstances. A change in direction, in friendships, in goals. I feel accomplished and lucky, liberated and rejuvenated, happy and perplexed. What do I do now? Luckily, I have an answer. I’m going to write a book. Hopefully, it won’t take three and a half years.

I think this is the first time in my life I’ve felt like I accomplished something real. Okay, it’s not exactly the same as giving birth, but that feels more like a biological magic trick for which I was just along for the ride. Either way, I have my greatest treasure to thank for both. She made both experiences better for having played a part.

24 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe It”

  1. Tessa Dare says:

    Yay!!!! I’m so proud of you, Terri! I got tears in my eyes reading that post and thinking about all that you risked and worked for and accomplished. Your “treasure” must be special indeed–how could she not be, with such a wonderful mom!

  2. terrio says:

    Gee, thanks, Tessa. I didn’t get teary eyed until I read your comment. LOL! If she shares that last sentiment in another 20 years, then I’ll feel pretty good about myself. 🙂

  3. Janga says:

    You are incredible! Getting that degree is noteworthy, but I celebrate you and all that you are–not just this moment of accomplishment. I feel privileged to know you.

  4. terrio says:

    Wow. You have no idea how much that means to me, Janga. And thank you for the wonderful card. You are such a shining light in my life.

  5. MistyJo says:

    Congratulations! Way to go, Terri!!! I’m thrilled for you! You’re an inspiration to all, and I’m lucky and proud to call you “my friend.”

  6. Beth says:

    Terri you should be incredibly proud of yourself. What an accomplishment and what a great example you are for your daughter!! The sky is the limit for you.

  7. MsHellion says:

    Congratulations, Terri, this is a huge, huge moment. I’m with Janga. It is a privilege to know you. Not one in a million, when faced with those odds, would be as daring as you have been. You thrived mightily.

  8. terrio says:

    You all are so sweet! One of the best things about my life now compared to then is that you all are in it.

    MistyJo – I miss you, girlie. I’m hardly on the BB anymore so it seems like we never *see* each other. LOL!

    Beth – I am very proud, thanks. And I hope she’s learning something from this. I try really hard to show her how important is it to be strong.

    Hellie – You are my Pirate cheerleader with that black pom poms and the stripper shoes. LOL! Thanks for listening to my whining and fretting over homework and tests. Any stress was usually due to my procrastinating ass but you never yelled at me for it. 🙂

  9. Anonymous says:


    Your amazing strength showed me how to be strong. In my darkest times, you were this amazing beacon of hope and laughter. I am so privileged to know you. Thank you.

    And congrats on obtaining your degree. I know how much you worked for this. Yippie!


  10. terrio says:

    Aw, I love you, Di. 🙂 You are such a light in my life.

  11. irisheyes says:

    You definitely are an inspiration, Ter. You could have thrown in the towel and given up so many times and didn’t. That is something to really be proud of.

    I’m always in awe of those who go on to higher education. I couldn’t do it emotionally at the time and now I don’t think I could physically do it.

    I’m with Beth on what an excellent example you are to your daughter! You are teaching her how to triumph over adversity, take control of your life and be a responsible member of society. What a gift to her and to us!

    Take a break, pamper yourself and enjoy your new found freedom!

  12. terrio says:

    Irish – Trust me when I say, if I can do it, you can do it! Though you have more people to juggle than I do, so that might be a disadvantage. LOL!

    Thank you for the sweet words and I do hope this is having the added bonus of teaching Kiddo all those things. If she ever gives up on anything, she can’t blame it on me. LOL!

  13. Oh, I love this post, Terri. It made me teary, too, and I’m so glad you got your reward for your hard work and the general wonderfulness that is you. If anybody is ‘incomparable’, it is you! XXOO

  14. terrio says:

    Thank you, Maggie! We should all get that on a shirt. “The Wonderfulness that is me!” With you as a model to follow, there’s no way I can lose. 🙂

  15. Quantum says:

    I’m guessing that this degree is Bachelor of Business Management and not Bachelor of Science. Though perhaps you now qualify to manage science projects.

    Some years ago I had to present a project review to a young manager. She kept asking dumb questions about the quantum mechanics of solids and eventually I asked her where she had done her PhD. She replied that she had an A level in physics. Apparently you don’t have to understand technical detail in order to manage technical projects.

    Terri, may I add my heart felt congrats to all the others and may I say that I would absolutely love to have you managing my projects.

    I know that you would add great charisma and insight and have us all inspired. And I’m guessing that the project Christmas party would be totally unforgettable!

    Very well done lass *smile*

    OXO (Not the cube! *grin*)

  16. terrio says:

    You know, Q, I’m still not sure how all that works. They sort of call lots of things a Bachelor of Science over here. But I can promise I am in no way qualified to do anything scientific. LOL!

    But managing a project meaning working out the spending and the logistics, that I can do. 🙂

  17. Ericka Scott says:

    Congratulations!!! Wow, you have come a long way and may the road that stretches out in front of you be smooth and speed bump free ~

    Pam Sko —

  18. terrio says:

    Hey there, Pam! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the congrats. I knew I’d be relieved but I had no idea HOW relieved. LOL!

    Congrats to you on churning out those books like crazy. And some of those covers are….wow. 🙂

  19. You’ve come far girl! Major, major congrats on the many (not just the bachelors degree) hurdles you’ve triumphed! You are one of the best role models a little girl (though I fear she’s not so little anymore) can have!

    Thanks for the lovely mention on the SQUEE wall… and congrats to my friends on all their SQUEES too!

  20. terrio says:

    Thank you so much, Tiff. And you’re right, she’s not so little. She’ll be 10 in less than a week. How did she get to double digits so fast?! A fifth grader. I’m the mom of a fifth grader. Bah!


  21. terrio says:

    Hey you! Thanks so much.

    And this reminds me I REALLY need to update this blog. LOL! I’ll get right on that…..soon.

  22. Congratulations and best of luck with your writing. Thanks for visiting PFHT!

  23. TerriOsburn says:

    Thank you, Carol. And to you too!

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