Home To Stay

Willow Parsons wears many hats on Anchor Island. Bartender. Barista. Even Bell Hop from time to time. A girl’s got to eat, after all. There’s only one person’s payroll she avoids and that’s her best friend’s brother, the muscle-bound charmer who brings back unwelcome memories of a best-forgotten time in her life. Will is not about to make the same mistake twice, no matter how harmless the man pretends to be.

Randy Navarro might be a mountain of a man, but he’s more about fitness than fighting. As a lifelong adrenaline junkie, he’s scaled a wall or two in his time, but none as high as the one surrounding Will Parsons. If he didn’t know better, he’d think the woman was avoiding him, but this is more than a case of playing hard to get. Something is haunting the dark-eyed gypsy and Randy is determined to figure out what.

As idyllic Anchor Island prepares for a December wedding, Willow comes to trust Randy, even sharing the secret she’s never told anyone. But when that secret steps out of the darkness, she’ll have to choose between saving herself or saving the man she loves.

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