Hewlett, We Have A Problem…

It happened. The laptop has officially bitten the dust. But before everyone starts the freak out and condolences, I’m not that torn up about it. I mean, I hope to get my stuff off of it and I’ll take it in to see if it can be fixed. No major crash, the on button won’t work anymore. My stuff should all be in there if I ever get power back to the thing. But all my writing is on my flash drive, so no WIP has been damaged or lost in this catastrophic event.

My online classes don’t start again until the 12th so I’m not screwed on doing homework for now. And the really good news is I have the bestest boss in the world. My company is buying me a new laptop. Not because I’ll use it for work, just because they can. I customized my Dell online today and it’s so pretty. I even picked this sweeping design for the top that’s called chill pattern. That’s it in the picture. Isn’t it pretty?!

No more HP’s for me. I’ve only had this thing for two years and I’m not that hard on computers. I’m getting the four year full service warranty on the Dell so anything happens to this new one, they’ll come to me to fix it. I’m all about that.

Not exactly the way I wanted to start the year, but really no big deal. If all goes as planned, I’ll have my spiffy new model very soon and kiddo will have a laptop she can keep in her room. With parental controls in place, of course. It’s a win-win for everyone really.

So, how is your new year starting? Are you off on the right foot? Hitting icebergs already? Anyone have any insight on my power button dilemma?

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  1. Elyssa Papa says:

    Oh, Terri, I feel the pain. My computer died on me last year right around November, and my parents bought my a new laptop for an early Christmas present . . . which is a HP. LOL. (My parents are the greatest)!

    But I wasn’t as smart as you—I was lucky to recover some of my files. I don’t have the original TACOM, which is more of a blessing than a curse. Luckily, I had my new stuff on the flash drive and e-mailed mss to myself. Otherwise, I would have cried.

    I have no idea about the power button solution. I used to have to rest something on it, so it would stay on before it bit the big one.

    And wow, you work for an awesome company for them to buy a new laptop. Kudos to them! Your new laptop looks soooo pretty.

  2. Quantum says:

    The power button is just an on-off switch, like the light switch on the wall. If there are no other probs it should be quick easy and cheap to fix.

    Boy, do you gals need a man about the place! *grin*

  3. Smart you for having all your stuff saved. There are still things on my old computer that I don’t think ever made the trip to the new one, but that’s probably okay.

    So far, my new year has been marred by the theft of our digital camera from our luggage, but since that technically happend on December 31, I’m not going to look at it as an omen of things to come in 2009.

    Happy New Year! Happy birthday! Congrats on the new toy!

  4. terrio says:

    Ely – I’m sure there are lots of things in there I’d hate to lose, but I really think I can get them off eventually. Kudos to your parents for buying you a new one. And I did love my HP until this button thing.

    Q – I’m sure this button can be fixed, but I’m also sure it’s not going to be cheap. That’s my current issue.

    Maggie – I can’t believe someone stole your camera. That’s horrible. And even if the airline replaced it, those pictures are likely priceless. Makes me want to beat the heck out of that horrible thief.

    Thanks again for the birthday wishes. Another year down, hopefully 50 or 60 more to go. LOL!

  5. Janga says:

    What an incredible boss you have, Terri! He/She deserves a “Boss of the Year” award, and it’s only early January.

    I’d love to have a laptop, but I probably won’t buy one until my desktop dies. I think I am going to have to add more RAM though. Fortunately, my youngest nephew can do the work.

    See, Q, we don’t have to have a man around the house. We just need one on call. LOL!

  6. terrio says:

    Janga – It actually is a He/She. LOL! He is my direct boss and She is my VP. They are both awesome and I’m very lucky.

    Have a guy on call. I’m liking that. My guy has been quite handy already. I doubt I’ve have any curtain hung in my apartment if it weren’t for him. And he’s put several things up on the walls that would still be sitting around waiting for me to get to them. LOL!

  7. Oh yes, I have lots of technical advice to give you.

    You’re laughing, aren’t you?

    When I read the headline, however, I have to admit, my heart did lodge in my throat until I read, “No wips have been lost.”


    Don’t scare me like that.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Terri, I’m so glad you’re getting a brand new laptop. What a wonderful belated present.

    As for the New Year, we welcomed 2009 with bronchitis. It never ends. But we’re back on top hoping that January won’t kill our hopes and desires for long term goals.

    I’ve found that if I can see my goals written on a wall it helps me keep pace for the rest of the year. I know, I’m in trouble when come Feb. 1, I’m wondering what I set to accomplish. Hence, written goals in sight for daily visual contact and affirmation. LOL. I’m anal.

    Happiest New Year to you!

    hapai and anal

  9. terrio says:

    J – Sorry for the scare. And I would take any advice from you anytime. Technical, life, anything.

    IG – I hope everyone is healthy now. Posting the goals is a great idea. I have this bulletin board over my comp desk at home and right now there’s nothing on it. I do believe some inspirational quotes and goals will be going up there very soon.

  10. Anonymous says:


    I was just wandering through and noticed that you were going to buy a Dell laptop. Get your service contract in writing because when I worked there, the full service contract for laptops still meant that you had to mail it in. They’d only send someone onsite for desktops.

    Just thought I’d mention it before you shell out.

    Best of luck!


  11. terrio says:

    Hey Lucy,

    Thanks for the heads up. I just got the computer yesterday and haven’t even looked at everything that came with it. I’ll look for the warranty paperwork.

    Thanks again!

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