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One of the loudest discussions we’ve been having here in America lately is about health care. The lack of it. The mess of it. The right to it. Is having health care a right or a privilege? Should we all chip in or is it every man, woman, and child for themselves?

I could answer those with how I feel about things, but then this would be a political blog, and that’s not my intention. Let’s stick with the facts. Regardless of how you feel about it, we now have the Affordable Care Act here in the US, and it’s doing some good things. Unfortunately, and I’m sure not surprisingly, it is not perfect.

And contrary to what some political factions would like you to believe, it is also not free. Supplemented, yes. Free, no. It is meant to be more affordable for those dealing with tighter finances to obtain, hence the name Affordable Care Act. But what about those who can’t afford to pay anything? That’s where Medicaid comes in, right?

Not always.

You see, states control their own Medicaid programs. For varied reasons (I assume) some states refused Federal funding offered to expand their state Medicaid programs to those in more desperate straits. That means anyone in those states who cannot work, has absolutely no income, and isn’t already on Medicaid is essentially screwed.

I’m sure some would read this and say there’s no one who fits this description. No one would fall through the cracks like that here in America. This simply doesn’t happen. But it does.

My friend Sarah Kirbo is in this exact situation. She is unable to work due to numerous and varied medical conditions. She has applied three times for federal disability coverage, and regardless of testimony from a system expert in support of her case, has been denied three times.

That means Sarah cannot work. She has run out of money. And thanks to her state government, cannot get health coverage. Without even a modicum of income, she is also not able to take advantage of the Affordable Care Act. This is a woman suffering from an array of illnesses who has no health insurance. She cannot afford to see her doctor or pay for her medications.

The bottom line is, Sarah needs help. She has one option right now, and that is relocating from Florida to Arkansas to enroll in the expanded Medicaid program offered there. There is family property in the state that is open to her, but she needs to get there. And that takes money.

In an effort to raise the funds to make this possible, Sarah has set up a gofundme account and is asking for donations. If Sarah had any other options, she would never be doing this. She simply can’t afford to be ruled by pride at this point. I know that money is tight for a lot of us these days, but even the smallest contribution would go a long way.

Read Sarah’s story in her own words here and even if you can’t afford to donate at this time, just spreading the word would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Mona Kekstadt says:

    I know how you feel Sarah…I have medical issues that prevent me from working…I’ll spread the word on your behalf…I got fired from my job because of my medical issues…and I fought back and won..right now I’m doing something that gives me great pleasure is reading and spreading the word of the fabulous authors I’m reading…I’m fortunate to have a husband that doesn’t mind too much that I don’t work..
    I hope someday things change for us…in the mean time my thoughts are with you….Mona

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