Happy Dad’s Day!

It’s late and I’ve almost missed it but I wanted to say Happy Father’s Day to all the great ones out there. My own included. And I just realized I don’t have a picture of my dad in my comp so I’m going to have to fix that.

It’s funny that no matter how old we get we still call our daddies for help. I was just talking to mine yesterday and asked if he could help me change my spark plugs when I come home to visit in a couple of weeks. (He is well aware that if I call him instead of mom it’s an automotive question *g*) He said, “Daddy can do that for you” in this funny voice.

My childhood was not perfect but I think I turned out pretty good. I’m pretty sure that probably had quite a bit to do with him. I hope you took the time today to call your dad or even just a person who is like a dad to you. Sometimes the ones we adopt in our adult years are the best dads ones.

Now I just have to ask this question. Who’s your daddy? LOL! Couldn’t resist. Who is the man or men you would give the Father’s Day blue ribbon to? And if you’d like to tell us why, that would be great too.

4 thoughts on “Happy Dad’s Day!”

  1. MsHellion says:

    I even went to church with my Dad. He played the Mother Guilt Card. “Do you want to come to church today?” Me: squinting out of my bed. “No…” “But it’s Father’s Day.”


    So I went. He was so ecstatic he even opened the truck door for me to climb in. Plus he also shared all sorts of salacious family stories with me on the way to and from church…which really, is what I adore most.

  2. terrio says:

    You should get the daughter of the year blue ribbon. LOL! I’m just happy to hear you went to church and there were no strange lightening strikes reported. Unless there’s something you aren’t talling us…

    Luckily my dad requires nothing but the occassional pity and to hear that yes, his life is so bad because the universe is conspiring against him. It is through no fault of his own.

    But we all need that every now and then. *g*

  3. MsHellion says:

    Your father is a Pisces–of course the world is conspiring against him. Us. And it’s not our fault; how dare you imply otherwise?

    No. The worst part was the preacher insisted on shaking my hand. (Have I mentioned, repeatedly, how much I can’t stand the man?)

    Dad & I walked in the graveyard after–I wanted to see my cousin’s grave–and Dad showed me a bunch of others. One of a girl he went to school with–he’d put a flower on her grave, I could tell it was one of the flowers from Memorial Day and I’d wondered where they went. He’s so sweet.

    Then he pointed out another grave of a schoolboy (not much of a boy, he was 19)–who got shot by his teacher (in a fit of “road rage” I found out)–and the teacher got off.

  4. Tessa Dare says:

    Ooh, Hellion – that sounds like fun!

    I have my dad (and mom) to thank/blame for my love of reading and writing. My dad would read to me every night before bed. I had absurdly early bedtimes (like 8 PM until junior high!), but I was allowed to stay up in bed reading as long as I wanted. That’s one way to grow a reader!

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