Going With My Gut – Still Debating

I admire people who make lists. Especially the Pro v. Con lists. When one of life’s little dilemmas creeps up, the diligent make a list, comparing the good and bad, weighing the options and worst case scenario.

I don’t do this. Well, not always. I’m more a go with my gut kind of person. Now that I have a considerable number of decision-making years behind me, I can look back and see this method has not always served me well.

Upon examination, the first thing I realize is that I’m a terrible judge of character. Discouraging, but we’ll leave that for another day. The second is less clear. I’ve made some big decision, often sacrificing a good circumstance for not as good, that ultimately paid off in the end. Or so far, since I haven’t reached “the end” just yet. Thank the heavens.

When I debated whether or not to move halfway across the country, I tried weighing all the facts and factors, but in the end, followed the signs. The town to which I would be moving happen to be a beach town and it was as if life started throwing every “beachy” sign in my way. At a certain point I looked up and yelled, “Fine! I get it!”

And here I am living three miles from the Atlantic. Best move I ever made. However, life wasn’t peachy from day one. Let’s just say life got HARD before it got better. Does that mean I made the wrong decision? I don’t think so.

You might have guessed I’m currently trying to make a decision about something. This isn’t exactly subtle. The good news is, this decision is nowhere near the “moving cross country” or “career changing” sort. But it could impact my bank account and my fragile sanity.

I’m considering adopting another cat. I already have two so you’re probably wondering WHY I’m even thinking about adding another. The answer can only be found in my gut. Every time I go through my local Pet Smart store, I go by the kitties up for adoption. I look and coo and long and then the voice in my head says, “The litter box is bad enough already.” Hang a left and I break the spell.

But the other night, there was this pretty little girl named Sunshine and I can’t get her face out of my head. She’s the right age, the right size, and could fit our little cat pack perfectly. But then there are yearly vet bills and food and litter and litter boxes and what will my current cats think??

I’m torn. Do I go with my gut and believe things will work out? Should I push my luck and hope she’ll slide into the family with no problems? Is giving this sweet kitty a forever home worth all the hassle?

10 thoughts on “Going With My Gut – Still Debating”

  1. Marnee says:

    I loved having my cats. When both of them died a year and a half ago, one within 6 months of the other, I was heartbroken. But though I miss them, I definitely don’t miss the litter, the extra vacuuming, the furniture clawing, the…. Well, you get it.
    That said, if you’re loving up on her, I say follow your heart. Because it’s not just your gut, it’s your heartstrings that kitty’s tugging on. I figure I’m going to want something to snuggle again when my youngest isn’t so snuggly. When the time comes, I’ll follow my heart too, I’d imagine.
    So, if you adore her, get her. And she’ll be blessed to have found such a happy home.

  2. Terri Osburn says:

    You’re not helping, Marn. I was hoping for a voice of reason. LOL! I need to stop by that store on the way home and see if she’s even there. I mean, she might have found a lovely home in the last couple of days. And if she’s still there, I could visit with her and see if there’s anything between us. 🙂
    I need to call Kiddo and see what she thinks of this idea.

  3. I followed my head and decided not to adopt a puppy who stole my heart. By the time I came to my senses, she was gone. I still regret it.
    If you really want to look at this logically, think about what it’ll actually cost you. You might spend what? $200-300 a year for vaccinations and kitty litter? That’s not an awful lot of money for a kitty that obviously tugged at your heart strings.

  4. Terri Osburn says:

    You lost out on your puppy?! Oh, that breaks my heart. I really thought y’all would talk me out of this but I can see I’ll be stopping at the pet store on the way home.

  5. I’m too late to give any advice, so I’ll just wait to see what you ended up doing. 🙂 No matter which decision you made, it’ll be the right one.

  6. Terri Osburn says:

    Not too late! I didn’t feel good after work so I just came straight home. The debate wages on. Girlie cat just tried to get boy cat’s attention to play and he ignored her. Maybe she could use another friend. 🙂
    Waiting for kiddo to call to see what she thinks.

  7. Well…I think you’re just hoping to find a cat that will keep the rest away from you in the mornings!
    That said, at this point, one more cat isn’t going to break you…

  8. Terri Osburn says:

    Bumbles woke me shortly after 3 this morning and spent last night clawing my couch and pulling a decorative wall cling off the wall. It’s like he’s convincing me the last thing I need to add another one of these to the house.
    The internal debate goes on….

  9. Or he’s trying to convince you that he needs a playmate so he has something to do other than claw at the walls… Though this could go on forever, with you adding cats to amuse him and he keeps being finacky about them… 😉

  10. Terri Osburn says:

    It’s funny, when she wants to play, he doesn’t. But then she’d rather cuddle and he wants nothing to do with that. He’s such a boy, but there’s no way I’d bring home another boy and start the “pissing to mark my territory” thing.

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