In addition to my various ramblings on this blog, I also belong to a group blog with four other writers. You can find a link to Yo Ho, A Writer’s Life For Me at the top of this page. Monday is my regular day over there and last week, in a fit of stress, I wrote a long, meandering blog about NOT being a writer. Well, not right now at least. With several days to recover from the temporary insanity that prompted the ravings, I deleted it last night and went another route. You see, the stress had gotten to me.

I’m a very laid back person – usually. But I’m only human so I have my moments. Take last night for instance. Could not sleep which means I’m now sleepwalking through my day. Turns out buying a house is stressful even in the early stages. It’s mostly about money, but location is giving me a headache as well. Most of the places for which I qualify are not in the best parts of town. And that often translates into not the best schools either. Damn the wealthy people for taking all the good stuff.

This too shall pass and I’ll return to my senses. I just hope it’s before I fall right off the edge.

What stresses you out and what to you do to get a handle on it? Since happy pills and alcohol are not an option, I’m looking for more natural remedies. *g* Any tidbits on meditation?

19 thoughts on “(De)Stressing…”

  1. Viperslate says:

    Ice Cream helps stress.

  2. terrio says:

    Then you’re going to have to buy me some. *g* To hell with the points!

  3. Marnee Jo says:

    LOL! What about a funny movie? I hear the Will Ferrell movies come highly recommended… 🙂

    Sorry….. COuldn’t resist.

    Seriously though, what about a nice massage? Or a new pair of shoes?

  4. terrio says:

    You know, Mar, I’ve had a massage twice in the last six months and both times it was awful. I hurt worse after than I did before I walked in there.

    And the shoe shopping would be nice but a lot of the stress is about saving money so spending it is not likely to help. LOL!

    But keep the suggestions coming!

  5. Quantum says:

    Teri, pets are a great antidote to stress. If you don’t believe me download the cat video and have a good laugh. The Chakra video is also impressive as a start toward meditation.

    Follow this link

    Click on ‘must have videos’ note the password mehdix

    Enter password and click ‘access folder’

    click on ‘Funny_Cats_.wmv’

    download for free

    play video

    If this one doesn’t make you smile I shall have to give up *g*

  6. terrio says:

    Never fear, Q, that cat video did make me smile. And I have promised the kiddo we can get a cat if we buy a place so that should bring even more smiles…eventually. LOL!

    Currently I have to make due with the beautiful voice of my parakeet. As is right for a bird with her name – Chesney – she loves to sing along with country music. LOL!

  7. Hvitveis says:

    Rescue Remedy form Bach´s flower medicine for taking before stressful situations..

    but if it is continuous stress, breathing-excercises is good. like breathing in counting slowly to three and then breathing out counting slowly to three… do it throughout the day, especially when you notice the stomach cleanching.

    agh. Observe how I am full of good advise, but that is only because exams are months away…

    a cd with guided relaxation, like “you are lying on a beach, the seagulls are sounding in the distance and the wawes…” it is good to do before going to bed, to wind down.

    and something that makes you laugh with belly laugh. (I swear to “Smack the Pony”, “little Britain” and “Spongebob Squearpants”)

  8. MsHellion says:

    I hear exercise is a good stress reliever (as is yoga); but I prefer sleep, myself.

    And I love massages even though I’m usually sore the day after. The day after that I feel like bliss.

    I also find a bag of Doritos helps. Only if they’re really cheesy though.

  9. terrio says:

    Hvitveis – those relaxing CDs might be a real option. And I thought I was going to have trouble sleeping last night so I tried breathing like that but after one breath, I was out. LOL!

    Hellion – I’m making a note to have some Ranch Doritos (my favorite!) for an afternoon snack. I believe the message issue was the chick that did it. Same both times and the second one it was so cold in the room, I couldn’t relax for trying not to shiver!

  10. MsHellion says:

    That’s weird. Usually they heat up the room since you’re naked and all.

  11. terrio says:

    Yeah, they claimed the people on the floors above (large downtown building) controlled the heat so they couldn’t turn it up. Hello! I’m paying for this hour, the least you could do is buy a freaking space heater!

  12. I love Marnee’s suggestion and Hellion’s is correct. Godiva, shopping and reading are also good destressers.

  13. irisheyes says:

    I’m with Hellion on all of her suggestions. I LOVE to sleep one of my most favorites things in the whole world (pitiful isn’t it!). I love Doritos but have been going with Cheez-its lately *shrugs shoulders* at least it’s cheese! And I would kill for a massage right about now. I do hate it when it’s cold in the room – kind of reminiscent of the OB/Gyne office where you’re sitting there naked and it feels like they cranked the AC! Not the feeling I want when going for a massage! The really nice places I’ve gone have put a heated blanket over me while I had the massage done… NICE!!!

    I would add one more… talk to a really good friend! I always find that talking helps me a lot. I like to talk though. I could spend hours on the phone with my sister crabbing about stuff. And I can’t ever recall getting off the phone and not feeling a whole lot better!

  14. terrio says:

    All great suggestions.

    Kelly – I’m trying to resist the chocolate and with just having those Ranch Doritos, I’ve already cheated. LOL! But reading has been helping

    Irish – That talking thing works for me too, but I don’t know a soul who wouldn’t be mad that I woke them at 1am with the excuse I was *stressed*. LOL! I did chat with my sister for quite a while yesterday. And Spring is blooming all over here with temps in the 60s. THAT is a huge help!

  15. irisheyes says:

    I’m starting to try the exercise thing. I’ve been walking on the treadmill at home. It does seem to help a little. I really want to start yoga, though. I’m in search of a pretty decent yoga DVD that I can do after the kids leave in the morning.

    *smacks forhead* I forgot the most important one… read a good book! LOL I would highly recommend another SEP! (probably more stress, huh, is your TBR pile ginormous?)

  16. irisheyes says:

    Ter – I know the weather thing is going to pick me right up. I cannot wait until we get some warmth up here. It’s suppose to reach 48 today and we are all so pathetic we’re doing a happy dance! For freakin’ 48 degrees!!!! Sheesh!

  17. terrio says:

    Irish – the TBR is topping 200 but there’s a couple of SEP’s there to pick. I’m reading light and funny right now and I only have less than two weeks of school left in this quarter until I have a few weeks off.

    I LOVE my weeks off. LOL!

  18. MistyJo says:

    Terri, do you have Bookworm on your computer? I found the game on my computer at school, and it’s a lifesaver, my students’ lives to be exact. When I get stressed at work, I play that game and calm down. I don’t know why it works, but it does. I told a fellow teacher about it, and she has it on her computer now because it helped her with her stress level.

  19. terrio says:

    MistyJo – I’ve never heard of that one, but I’ll definitely look it up. The sad thing is my daughter is all into those Webkinz things and there are some really great games on there. Whenever I want to relax I play Cash Cow or Home Before Dark. Oh, or the Hungry Hog one which is pretty much Pac Man with a pig. LOL!

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