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It’s time for the first December giveaway. (In case you missed it, I’ll be giving away a fabulous prize each week during the month to celebrate the holidays and my birthday.) Today, I’m offering up the perfect way to make your earlobes sparkle this holiday season.

Check out these beautiful Stella & Ruby Crystal Statement earrings. Aren’t they gorgeous? And they would look even more gorgeous dangling from your dainty little ear lobes.

Statement Earrings

All you have to do is leave a comment on the blog sharing a tidbit about your favorite piece of jewelry. It can be an heirloom, something you bought for yourself, your wedding ring, or the necklace you had as a young girl (or boy!) that you wish you still had.

This contest is open until 12am on 12/15 (which is essentially midnight Saturday night) and open to US residents only. (I’ll run smaller international contests during the month.) Once you leave a comment, you have to click on the Rafflecopter graphic to say you’ve fulfilled the requirements, and you’re in. If you don’t complete the Rafflecopter information, you won’t be entered in the contest.

And as a special bonus, I’m sharing a snippet from my contribution to the COWBOYS FOR CHRISTMAS anthology, Love Me, Cowboy. This is in the first scene when Claire finds herself covered in tart filling and late for work. There’s no time to drive home and change, so Tyler offers her a clean flannel. Here we go…

Tyler hopped off the tailgate, landing close enough for Claire to feel the heat coming off his body. Tilting her head back to see his face, a memory flashed of the long-ago night they’d spent making love in Tyler’s bed. A night neither had spoken of since.

Claire nearly swayed toward him, but common sense, or maybe some kind of survival instinct, kicked in and she stepped back.

Tyler cleared his throat and proceeded to his driver’s side door.

Claire kept her eyes on the burnt orange streaks spreading across the eastern sky. The sun was high enough now to see the mess surrounding her. And covering her. Making sure the brown tank top remained low over her waist, Claire pulled her arms out of the sleeves and lifted the heavy wool sweater over her head.

When the material cleared her face, she looked up to find Tyler staring at her, flannel in hand, mouth open, eyes dark as emeralds. The last time he’d seen her, Claire had been forty pounds heavier. She’d yet to adjust to the new body and the attention it garnered. Though none of the looks she’d gotten so far had sent her libido into overdrive the way Tyler’s did in that moment.

She hugged the sweater to her chest. “This is going to sound weird, but could you turn around?”

He didn’t respond for several seconds, then seemed to snap back to reality. “Yeah. Sure. Sorry.”

Tyler dropped his eyes to the ground, handed Claire the flannel, then turned as she’d asked. She knew the request was ridiculous, as Tyler had seen her naked before. Something Claire would gladly forget if only her brain would let her.

But that had been nothing but drunken pity sex, or so she reminded herself. Some called alcohol liquid courage, but Claire had since considered it humiliation hooch.

Squeezing the sweater between her knees, Claire pulled on the flannel, which hung well past her waist. Modest by nature, even she knew wearing the shirt loose was too dowdy. She compromised, buttoning the first four buttons, then tying the bottom half into a knot.

“Okay,” she said, after making sure everything was covered. “You can turn around now.”

Tyler turned his head first, then the rest of him, smiling all the way. “Looks good.” For a moment his cheeks looked pinker than usual. Claire chalked it up to the colorful sunrise.

Now that we’re all warmed up, let’s talk about jewelry.


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54 thoughts on “Deck The Ears with Pretty Baubles”

  1. Bertie welck says:

    A necklace my Mom gave me just before she passed. It is a medal that was blessed by Mother Theresa when she was in Baltimore many many years ago

    1. Terri says:

      I love the added touch of the blessing. I have a guardian angel medal that was my grandmother’s. It hangs on the mirror in my car and I fully believe she protects me. And let me tell, you that angel has had to work overtime in recent years.

  2. Quilt Lady says:

    I love earrings. I have a small pair of gold hoops I wear about all the time.

    1. Terri says:

      I love simple hoops. That’s nearly all I wear.

  3. Quilt Lady says:

    Entering under the name of Virginia.

  4. infinitieh says:

    I once won two little garnets (of dubious quality) in a contest and my mother had them mounted as earrings. So cute.

    1. Terri says:

      I love the “of dubious quality”. LOL! I bet they’re very pretty.

  5. Tonja says:

    I have a past, present, future necklace that my husband gave me for our ten year anniversary that I love!

    1. Terri says:

      Those are so pretty! And kudos to your husband on picking such a great gift.

  6. Ann Chapatte says:

    When I was a teenager my two, older, sisters went together and bought me a ring. It was a birthstone (December of course) I had fallen in love with. It was amazing to me that my sisters, who picked on me regularly, did that for me!!

    1. Terri says:

      How sweet. And we did get lucky in the birthstone, didn’t we? I love the pretty blues we have to choose from.

      My sister bought me tickets to Les Mis for my 18th birthday. We barely got along growing up, so I was completely shocked. It was my first live musical like that, and even though I was in the very last row, I still loved it.

  7. karen j says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my mama’s first wedding set. I don’t wear it because it’s fragile and I’m afraid to but it’s my favorite!

    1. Terri says:

      Karen, I bet it’s beautiful.

  8. Laurie Gommermann says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a scarab bracelet watch I received from my parents when I graduated from college.

    My second favorite piece of jewelry (which I treasure) is a pocket watch that belonged to my paternal grandfather. It still works. He died before I was born in 1927. My dad used the watch in between. My dad gave it to me in 1980 when he saw how much I admired it.

    1. Terri says:

      Old pocket watches are the best. That your grandfather used it is even better. Definitely something to treasure.

  9. Kay Martinez says:

    I have a ring that has been passed down through several generations of women in my late mom’s family. I will carry that tradition on with my daughter & granddaughter. I also have a silver ring with special engraving inside to remind me of the love of my life who died several years ago.

    1. Terri says:

      Those both sound wonderful.

  10. Brenda Rumsey says:

    My adult son gave me a necklace last year for Mother’s Day that I never take off. It’s a tribal cross in silver. It didn’t cost much…but the thought behind it touched my heart.

    1. Terri says:

      Cost doesn’t really matter in those sorts of things. The only ring I ever wear is a tiny sapphire my parents bought me years ago. I doubt it cost much, but I love it and my hand feels naked without it.

  11. Alexia Evans says:

    I love earrings. I would love to wear necklaces but somehow I lose them. The clasp goes and then I lose my necklace. As for rings I have my engagement ring, my wedding ring, and the ring I got during my 1st Mother’s Day. Earrings are interchangeable. I like coordinating with outfits.

  12. anne says:

    My engagement ring which is special since we have been married for many years.

  13. Mary Helene says:

    A one of a kind handmade piece by Cat Kerr. It is a necklace made of vintage lace and altered canvas with the picture of my lovely cat Matsu. Very unique piece.

  14. Jean McMurry says:

    My Mom left me crystal neckless, that i treasure, and she gave me a 9 ct smoky topaz before she passed, that I had made into a ring.

  15. Connie T says:

    My favorite ring is an Alexandrite ring my DH bought me for our 24th anniversary and the matching necklace he bought me for our 25th anniversary.

  16. Doris Lankford says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my three stone diamond ring my husband gave me for our 25th anniversary. It was made with two diamonds from other rings he had given me and we added a third. It represents the past, the present and the future. We have been married almost 35 years and it will always be very special to me.

  17. Brandy Bosquez says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a cross necklace I wear every day. It’s white gold with a few diamonds on it. My husband got it for me as a birthday present a few years ago. He isn’t a religious man but knows I love my crosses so he got it for me! Beautiful earrings!!

  18. Nancy says:

    My wedding ring is of course my favorite item of jewelry but I have others as well. I received a special cross necklace from one of my aunts & uncle when I made my first communion. I have never seen another cross like it. I can’t wear it anymore because the chain is made for a small child but I treasure it just the same. I also treasure the “promise” ring I got from my hubby before we were married – it isn’t much but it means the world to me. And most recently my granddaughter gave me a bracelet she made from her bracelet maker – I wear that every day with pride!

  19. Cheryl Hastings says:

    My husband gave me diamond earrings for Mother’s Day the year was pregnant with our youngest. I have worn those, (and the smaller ones my godmother gave me for my HS graduation)every day since

  20. Tammy Wortham says:

    My favorite piece is the 1 ct diamond anniversary band the DH bought me for our 10th wedding anniversary. That and a pair of silver hoops are the only jewelry I wear nowadays.

  21. Andrea K says:

    My husband’s god mother gave me her mother’s charm bracelet when we got married. It has charms she collected from all over Europe. I added charms to mark the special occasions in my life….my wedding, 10th anniversary, and the birth of each of my sons. It’s my most treasured possession (aside from my wedding ring).

  22. Lori R says:

    I have a pendant that is very special to me because it belonged to my grandmother. We both share the same first initial.

  23. Sharlene Wegner says:

    My house got robbed about 18 years ago, so I have no heirloom jewelry left. 🙁 I was wearing my engagement ring, so that is a good thing! Also, I have a gorgeous gold long necklace with a unique design – made by a local jeweler. It was my birthday/25th HS reunion present!

  24. Gwen H says:

    I have a Christmas pin, it’s a little white mouse with big ears and a Santa hat sitting in a bed of holly. His name is Misha Mouse, because when I got it I had a huge crush on Mikhail Baryshnikov 🙂

  25. I must have 300 plus pairs of earrings. You can never have too few earrings. It depends on the season and the time of day as to which you need to wear. Some people have shoe collections but not me. The more unique they are the better I love them.

  26. catslady says:

    I have two special pieces. One was my late mil’s gold cross that she had made when she lived in Africa (both my inlaws were in the service). It’s gorgeous and it makes me think of her. The other is my wedding ring that my husband had made special for me after I lost the stone in my original ring after 25 yrs. of marriage while raking leaves.

  27. Barbara Tobey says:

    I wear my mother’s wedding ring, my father-law’s and my husband’s. Hubby is still alive, but he doesn’t wear the ring.

  28. Those earrings are beautiful! My favorite is a ring that I wear of my Mama’s. She had it made from another ring she had years ago and I used to borrow it from time to time to wear on my picky finger, then one day she told me to keep it that it was mine now. I really love this ring and the icing on the cake is I can now wear it on my ring finger since I lost weight.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful books and having these awesome give aways!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours~

  29. Patsy D Nelson says:

    I have a pair of gold hoop earrings that my husband bought me over 20 years ago. Everyone teases me because I wear them so much. My husband died six years ago the week before Christmas. Wearing them now makes me feel closer to him. I lost one last year and cried for a week. I still didn’t take the other one out. A month later my daughter came in the house smiling and said look what i found on the driveway. My earring . It looked exactly the way it did when I lost it. Not a scratch on it.

  30. denise says:

    My grandma gave me her wedding ring–it no longer fit. It’s white gold. The engraved flowers are worn until they’re barely there–a sign of all the hard work my grandma did over the years. I wear it everyday with my wedding and engagement rings. She’s been gone since 1998, I’ve had the ring since 1990, but it’s the most precious thing I have from her.

  31. A beautiful sapphire an diamond dragonfly pendant necklace my children bought me for Christmas 6 years ago..:-). It’s the last thing they bought w their dad for me for Christmas. That makes it especially special..:-). Always thankful..

  32. Terri says:

    I didn’t realize I was going to get such touching stories. Some of these are making me tear up, and all of them are making me smile. Keep the stories coming!

  33. Tina M says:

    My rings my husband gave me. I never take them off..

  34. Debbie Haupt says:

    Hi Terri, first Merry Christmas second thanks for the super giveaway. My favorite piece of jewelry is the second wedding band my husband gave me. It’s one of those hammered gold wide band with a 2ct marquise in the middle.
    When we first got married we couldn’t afford much so I got a very simple set and a few years later when we were a bit more prosperous he surprised me at Christmas with the beautiful new band. We’ll be married 36 years next month.

  35. Cathy F says:

    A cameo necklace that my mother gave me years ago!

  36. Deborah S says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is the necklace my husband gave me as a wedding gift. It’s two interlocking hearts… one of sapphires and one of diamonds. My birthstone is sapphire. The necklace matches my engagement ring which has a sapphire center stone flanked by diamonds on the side.

  37. Diane Sallans says:

    My Mom & Dad had given me a blue sapphire bracelet (my September birthstone). My Mom passed away in July & that December I took my Dad Christmas shopping. All of a sudden I noticed the bracelet was gone. I backtracked thru the mall, but didn’t find it. I left my name a few places but thought it was gone. But I got a message that it been found by a clerk in Restoration Hardware – so glad to get it back!

  38. Deb says:

    My ex gave me a cross about 20 years ago. The only times I’ve had it off is to have the chain repaired and cross cleaned.

  39. nikolle says:

    My favorite peice of jewlery is my grandfathers wedding band I have worn it since he passed in 1994. It has been on my finger every day. It makes me think ofhim and rremember all the wonderful memories.

  40. Cheri Davis says:

    I love the earrings. Jewelry means the most when it is givwn by someone special whether it be a loved one, family member or cherished friend. I lost my Mom’s first anniversary ring from my father when my house got burglarized. I acquired the ring after she passed away.

    Also, I loved all of the Anchor Island books. I wish the series continued on as I really love the characters in the books.

    Looking forward to future books!!!!

  41. Darlene says:

    I have a small cross that my parents bought my daughter when she was sick. I have worn it every day since she passed. which is now over 16 years. I have had to replace the chain a few times.

  42. Joye says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a Navajo Indian squash blossom necklace that my Grandfather purchased in Arizona in 1936 for $8.00 It is worth much more than that now. It is beautiful and I wear it often since it reminds me of my Grandfather.

  43. Terri says:

    I love that so many of these pieces of a person story behind them. I have a gold necklace that was my grandmother’s but I never wear it. I think I should give it to someone who will wear it, but then I can’t bear to part with it.

  44. My favorite piece of jewelry is a charm bracelet my father gave me as a teenager.

  45. Emily Smith says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding ring set.

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