Clearing the Clutter

I think I need to change my room around. I realize you have never seen my room nor do you care where I put my furniture, but stay with me. I’m a person who needs to feel in control. (Notice I say “to feel in control” because I’m not stupid enough to think anyone is really *in* control.) And I need organization, a minimal amount of clutter, to feel in control. I’m not a neat freak, my shelves are dusty, but I am having more and more trouble dealing with clutter the older I get. To be honest, I’m becoming more anal. So not good.

I’ve let things get out of hand. It seems like no matter how much crap I throw away, more appears. Where does this shit come from? It’s giving me anxiety attacks and those are just not fun for me. Call me crazy.

So, the other night when I couldn’t fall asleep (for the umpteenth time though I’m exhausted), I realized I need to change things up. If I move things around then I have to clean up the clutter. Maybe even eliminate some. So that’s the plan. I need to take back control over my *stuff* in order to get rid of the anxiety which is the only way I’m going to get unstuck in the writing.

Yeah, did I mention this all has to do with the writing? I’m not lucky enough to have an extra room I can use as an office so my desk and comp are in my room. It’s plenty big enough but I’m tired of looking at that darn wall. I need light – natural light. So the desk is going between the windows. That should help. And I’m clearing off all the clutter that has nothing to do with writing and it just taking up space.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed this will unlock the door to my stories and get my fingers flying across the keyboard again. I think about the stories all the time but when I sit at my desk, everything shuts down. It’s got to be the desk. Gosh, I hope it’s the desk.

What do you think? Would a shake up do me good? Or am I fooling myself? What do you do when you need a change? And please tell me I’m not the only one with multiplying clutter.

8 thoughts on “Clearing the Clutter”

  1. Quantum says:

    Terri, ‘multiplying clutter’ is a universal phenomenon. Scientists call it ‘increasing entropy’ and eventually the entire universe will become totally cluttered and random. Trying to keep the house tidy is a ceaseless battle against powerful forces of nature. The second law of thermodynamics ensures that you will ultimately fail. *g*

    Don’t get too depressed though. If you don’t have minions to constantly tidy up for you, there are limited measures that can be taken. If you don’t already have a scanner, you might find it a worthwhile investment. Any documents that you want to keep can then be scanned into the computer. This includes snippets from mags, newspapers etc. If you ever need hardcopy again you simply print it as required.

    With suitable software eg omnipage or finereader, you can convert paper to an editable form for inclusion in your writing if required.Once you have digitised the important stuff you simply get into a routine of clearing away the junk with gay abandon once each week.

    OK Mrs Q also throws things at me when I simplify in this way *g*

    As a man I have my ‘shed’ with rows of filing cabinets containing my stuff, to make sure Mrs Q doesn’t shred it with all the other junk. The shed only has one key *w*

    Back on the pirate ship the other day I reckon I would have been shark bait without your masterful intervention. I’m starting to think of you as my fairy Godmother. Whatever you do, please don’t throw away anything that looks like a wand when you next attack that junk!

  2. terrio says:

    Q – that’s what you call simplifying? Uh, sure. Shed is not an option since I live on the 3rd floor and I doubt they would like me to slap a shed down in the parking lot.

    The scanning thing is an excellent idea though. I didn’t even think of that. Must make note to price scanners.

    And you know I always have your back. But when you jump into a ship full of cranky women like that, I highly recommend re-reading your comment before hitting send. If I had been away from the comp, you might have been lynched!

  3. Stephanie says:

    One thing that used to get me was trying to organize my piles into more specific piles. You’re right. Clutter that’s spread out. That’s why I decided to throw all my papers into a giant pile only separating out bills and things that need to be done. Then when I get a chance to go through said huge pile at a later date I realize how many things I didn’t need to access at any point in time — then got rid of them.

    And I do think your workspace makes all the difference in writing. I can’t get things done unless I have the perfect atmosphere. I also started putting things in binders (ie. all the clippings that will someday be of use to me when I decorate my apt). Clutter is off the desk and organized! Plus it’s fun.

  4. terrio says:

    Stephanie – I’m banking on that fun part. I *know* that getting this cleaned up and organized will make me feel better which will put me in a better mood. And I’m planning on dancing around a bit to the iPod while I do it which should also help. LOL!

    One big pile, right. That’s where I need to start. I’ll just have to hope it doesn’t fall over and suffocate me…

  5. My writing room is tiny. The “desk” has no drawers. I used to keep a milk crate with files under it but I kept killing my toes on it accidentally kicking it. The crate went in the closet because I do most research online anyway. But—you don’t want to see the crap I have all over the floor, on the bookshelves, on the dresser,even on the windowsill. And don’t go in my basement, where there are boxes and boxes that have been moved from one house to the other without ever being opened. It’s sad

  6. terrio says:

    Maggie – If I hadn’t moved as much as I have in the last several years, I can’t imagine how much more stuff I would have. Funny how something that seemed important enough to move across four states loses its sentimental value when you’re desperate for space!

    I think you’re going to need to assign the DH and the kiddies to do some spring cleaning in a few months. While you are writing away of course. Tell them your inner artist needs less stuff. It’s blocking up your Chi. LOL!

  7. irisheyes says:

    I’m waiting for the weather to clear, Terri. Then I’m gonna tackle some stacks I’ve been avoiding for years. I have boxes of stuff from the last time we moved (6 years ago) that haven’t been put away yet. I’m thinking I probably don’t need that stuff anymore. LOL

    Sometimes just picking a room/closet/drawer to clean is so freeing. I cleaned out one of my kitchen junk drawers a month ago and I felt like a huge weight had been lifted. Imagine how I would feel if I tackled the whole house. That just seems to huge a task for me, though.

  8. terrio says:

    Irish – I broke down and bought a filing cabinet which I had to put together. It’s all done but the drawers which I should finish tonight. Then I just have to actually file all these heaping mounds of paper. LOL!

    You pat yourself on the back for that junk drawer. Those things are like black holes of the kitchen utensil world. Major task and I’m proud of you for taking it on. *g*

    I’m hoping to have pictures of my new, de-cluttered space as soon as tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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