Chugging Along

I am officially on deadline. Like, a real one. There is a date circled on the calendar and a person who will be tapping her toe expectantly on said date. This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill.
I always expected at this point I’d freak out and be way behind. Bite my nails to the quick, adapt Einstein’s stylish doo, and start ranting incoherently about segues, plot holes, and dialogue tags.
Happy to report, I’m right on track. So far. (There had to be a caveat in here somewhere.)
My goal was to have as much as possible of book 2 done before edits arrived for book 1. As of now, I should have 50K (of 85K) done when edits arrive in five days. Of course, I have no idea what edits will look like nor how I’m going to write one while editing another. But as Tim Gunn would say, this is a Make It Work! moment so work it shall.
Now, when next spring comes and I’m writing one while editing another and promoting a third, you’ll likely find a very different blog here. But for now, I got this.
PS: For kiddo. Concert is 27 days away and I’m almost as excited as she is.

5 thoughts on “Chugging Along”

  1. Maureen says:

    Never had a doubt that you’d face deadlines eye to eye and be the winner.

  2. You totally got this. A more in charge lady I’ve never met. 🙂

    Rooting for you!

    *shakes pom poms*

    GO GO GO!!

  3. TerriOsburn says:

    Thank you for being cheerleaders.

    Marn, if you could see the chaos in my head these days, you wouldn’t be so sure. LOL!

  4. irisheyes says:

    I have no doubts either, Ter. You are a go getter and a doer of what must be done! LOL Your history has proved that if nothing else has. I’m just glad you’ve got a hold of it and are not only doing what needs to be done but enjoying it along the way. That’s what really rocks!

    There is this Myers Briggs type called the Dynamo and I think about that every time I think of all you’ve accomplished and continue to accomplish.

    The concert sounds like fun. I took my daughter and friends to see Rascal Flatts last summer. That was lots of fun!

  5. TerriOsburn says:

    Thanks, Irish. Got the edits last night and did freak, as predicted, but recovered quickly and I’m very excited now about how much better this book is going to be. Editors really do rock. LOL!

    We’ve seen Rascal Flatts several times over the years. They always put on a good show. This one is a little different as you don’t find a lot of cursing, bra throwing, and crowd surfing at Flatts shows. 😉

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