Christmas on Anchor Island

An Anchor Island Novel

One woman lives her truth, while another hides hers away, but love and a little Christmas magic gives them both the courage to meet somewhere in the middle.

Henri Bloom makes her living writing romance, but she can’t seem to find her own happily ever after. Back on Anchor Island for the holidays, she accepts that life doesn’t always go as well as fiction. What’s harder to accept is that the woman she loves can be so close, and yet so out of reach.

Mia Stamatis had been sharing her artistic talents on Anchor Island for three years now. What she hasn’t shared is the truth about who she really is. Fear of disappointing the most important person in her life has kept her silent, but that fear had also kept her from embracing life, and the chance of finding a love of her own.

Reunited over Christmas, Henri and Mia find themselves caught in the same dance, but this time there’s a new step. A step that brings them closer together instead of pulling them apart. With a little courage, and a nudge from an unexpected source, they just might find their happy ending after all.

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