Summer is coming to an end, the vacation is over and now it’s back to the writing. My goal at the beginning of the summer was to have a completed MS to pitch at the New Jersey RWA conference the first weekend of October. I did get almost 4 more chapters written during June and July but I’m afraid things have come to a halt. In the beginning of August I received the score sheets and feedback from a contest I entered in April – long before I had any clue what I was doing.

Not that I know what I’m doing now but I certainly know more than I did back then. The feedback was pretty much what I was looking for. They liked (and got!) my voice and my humor, believed my story had potential (with changes) and encouraged me to keep writing. That’s exactly what I wanted – an unbiased, educated opinion as to whether I was wasting my time.

But with the feedback came an epiphany. I now understand the changes I have to make to these characters and this story if I want my work to be interesting, entertaining and most important publishable. As it stands right now, these characters are bland, boring and lack conflict. There is no reason for these two NOT to get together. That is a problem.

So it’s back to the drawing board. I believe I can still use most of what I have with slight tweaking in some areas and major tweaking in others. I also believe it is now going to be more fun to write and a great deal more interesting to read. I’m sure I’ll keep learning and having these kinds of epiphanies. At least I hope so.

So, what about you? Any epiphanies lately? It doesn’t have to be about writing. It could be the one I reached lately that for a woman my age there are no good men left to find. I could go into that further but I’ll save that for another blog. *g*

And before I forget, I do have a new target date for finishing my WIP – December 31, 2007.

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  1. MsHellion says:

    My latest epiphany: I have no idea what I really want. I doubt I really ever will.

  2. terrio says:

    Like I told you a little while ago, welcome to the club.

    Knowing you don’t know is knowing something, right? Know what I mean?

  3. Terrio – Great on your WIP! Go, girl go. I know you’ll meet your target.

  4. Anonymous says:

    BTW, I’m so proud that I know the Bowie song you referenced. *beams*


  5. Hmm, my recent feedback reminds me to start with a bang…like I had my writer heroine do when she shoots the sheriff on the first page. Hey, we can now switch songs in our heads from “Ch-Ch-Changes” to “I Shot the Sheriff.” But my big epiph is that school starts Monday and I do not want to go back. I must remember to buy lottery tickets. 🙂

  6. terrio says:

    Thanks for stopping by, RNTV. Since I’ve been a slacker and not been to your site in forever, thanks for the added guilt. LOL!

    Di – you really need a shot of sunshine, girlfriend.

    Maggie – that is definitely a bang. I don’t have any shootings but the hero does pretty much run over the heroine with a car in chapter 2. Does that count?

  7. Diana says:


    I’ve been outside….for like five minutes of every day.

    Can I drink sunshine? Orange juice? Tequila?

  8. terrio says:

    You drink Tequila and you won’t be seeing sunshine for a while. You might see stars though…

  9. irisheyes says:

    I’ve had several epiphanies this summer. The most important one is that I have to start taking care of this body of mine if I want it to do everything it does now in about another 5-10 years.

    Okay, sorry to interrupt this regularly scheduled comment but I’m looking outside my window right now. My 25 year old, very well built, construction worker neighbor is out trying to fix something on his truck and his pants are falling down to his knees. I’m in full “mother mode” and I feel like going out there and telling him to pull up his pants and buy a belt. Another epiphany – I’m getting old!

  10. Janga says:

    Terri, December is my new finishing-line goal too, but I am not feeling optimistic right now. I missed a deadline on the 15th, and I have been working like mad trying to get the #$%$# article finished. I sent it to the editor a hour ago, so maybe I will get back to my WIP this week.

    And my epiphany is that no matter what I do, I never have enough time to do all I must do/want to do. My frustration now is that the former takes precedence over the latter. 🙁

  11. terrio says:

    Irish – you’re never too old to enjoy that view. Did you not get any pictures? You can’t throw that kind of description at us and not give us a picture!

    Janga – You’ll get it done. Everything calms down eventually. At least that’s the belief I’m clinging to. We can do it. Just keep the faith and keep plugging away. And vent over here anytime you want. *g*

  12. Santa says:

    I know you can do this, Terrio! I love how much you are getting out of your writing. You are a braver soul than I to get your stuff out there.

    I know that both you and Janga will reach your goals! So far I’ve really liked what I’ve read.

    It only gets better from here. Hey, maybe that’s my epiphany!

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