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The Not Series

Five best friends shares laughs, life, and find love in this city set series that kicks off with the fun and sometimes heartbreaking story of Becca and Jacob in Not You Again.

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Shooting Stars

At the heart of this series is Shooting Stars Records, the hottest new label in Nashville founded and run by the enigmatic Clay Benedict. From aspiring artists to those farther along in their careers, these are the extraordinary small town dreamers shooting for the stars and finding love along the way.

Ardent Springs

In Ardent Springs, Tennessee, love always gets a second chance. From high school sweethearts to a runaway bride, and from unrequited love to two lost souls damaged by trauma. No obstacle is too big and no heart too broken, because in Ardent Springs, love will always win out in the end.

Anchor Island

This tiny barrier island at the base of the Outer Banks serves as the perfect backdrop for falling in love. Anchor Island is remote, accessible only by ferry, and so separated from the rest of the world that it doesn’t even offer cell service. But between the serene waters where Blackbeard once played, and the historic lighthouse that has led many lost souls to safety, the island is a place for love and family and learning that sometimes you find where you were meant to be where you least expect it.

Stand Alones

In Ask Me To Stay, Terri takes readers back to island life, this time off the coast of South Carolina to a tiny island that doesn’t even allow cars. When this book releases in March of 2019, find out what happens when a writer travels to this remote speck of sand to tell an old man’s story, only to discover a secret and a love that will change her life forever. Wrecked is a sexy novella set in the high rise world of Downtown Nashville. Steamier than Terri’s usual offerings, this one takes a heartbreaking turn and we learn that revenge is always personal. (Available now.)


Wild Deadwood Tales features 17 short stories of varying time periods but all set in Deadwood, South Dakota. All funds from this collection go to the Western Sports Foundation, which offers aid to Western Sports athletes who compete in rodeo and bull riding events. Cowboys For Christmas is a unique collection of three stories that show the events over a two-week period from the perspectives of three different couples. They all leads up to a big cowboy Christmas wedding. A must read if you want to get swept away to Texas by three hunky and oh-so-perfect cowboys.

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