Big Developments!

I have been seriously remiss with this blog, but I have a good excuse. Things have been crazy busy.

In addition to kiddo finishing up fifth grade (I have a middle-schooler! When did that happen??), and getting her ready to head off for the summer, I have been neck deep in revisions and a revision class. The good news is, I’m still in love with my book and the even better news is, I love it more each day. Whew!

But, as if all this wasn’t enough, I decided to buy my own place.

*She says, nonchalantly.*

I know what you’re thinking. “This woman is crazy!” And you just might be right.

I’ve spent the last three weeks looking at every available townhouse in my price range (townhouses are the ONLY things in my price range) and they are not encouraging. In this town, we have this annoying thing called the ocean. Apparently, that location location location thing means the ocean close by makes everything more expensive.

Damn it.

Anyhoo, these places were mostly unlivable and anything remotely good is in an area of town in which I’d never live, or near a school I refuse to send kiddo. Needless to say, we were striking out all over. But then I decided to compromise, change some of my preferences and we had better luck. I didn’t want a condo that felt like an apartment and definitely didn’t want a place smaller than the one I have now.

Well, we don’t always get what we want. Checking out all these other places showed me I was never going to get into a half decent neighborhood unless I lowered my standards. So I found a smaller condo, in an apartment like complex, that was both well below my budget AND almost walking distance to kiddo’s preferred middle school. (Aren’t the pics cute? Picture it with color and furniture.)

I am happy to report that this baby is now mine. Or will be in six weeks or so, pending the appraisal and inspection and heaven only knows what other formalities. But for now, I’m celebrating being a homeowner AND trying not to throw up. In case you’re wondering, I will still be in Orlando for RWA Nationals and am still hoping to have my book revised by the end of summer. Don’t ask me how I plan to accomplish all this, that is still in the plotting stages.

Now, whose ready to help pack?

14 thoughts on “Big Developments!”

  1. MsHellion says:

    VERY CUTE! You rock!!!! I can’t wait to come see it!

  2. Elyssa Papa says:

    The new place looks lovely! Congrats!

    And yay on still loving the book during the revision stage!

  3. Vagivagi says:

    You are Superwoman! Can I borrow you?

    I love the place and the large sliding doors. So much sunshine to catch!

    *blows kisses*


  4. TerriOsburn says:

    Thanks, Hellie! The door is always open. (In the summer, one seek in the spring and one week during the Christmas break. *g*)

    Thanks, Ely. It’s a huge step into a tiny little place. LOL! And it’s still the very early stages of revision, but I’m sticking with the positive thinking.

    Vagi! The place is so bright, which is a total change from where I am now. I plan to put my striped curtains at the ends with some sheers in the middle. Should give it a very light feel but provide privacy when we want it. Thankfully, there are large shrubbs and a tree outside so you can see out much more than anyone can see in.

  5. TerriOsburn says:

    Forgot to say, inspection went great!


  6. Stephanie J says:

    I am so happy for you! Congrats on the lovely new home! 🙂

    I’d also like to mention that I cannot wait to see you in Orlando. I need to properly congratulate you and celebrate the first draft of your book and revisions! And if I haven’t said it enough, I miss you like crazy.

  7. TerriOsburn says:

    Steph! I’ve missed you like crazy too! Orlando is going to be a blast and you’re going to have to put up with me even more than usual since my normal roomies have all abandoned me. LOL! Can you believe it’s like three weeks away?!

  8. Quantum says:

    Congrats Terri. So you finally took the plunge!

    Every single girl needs her own home and this looks nice and cosy.

    You also have your foot on the property ladder and are making your money work … property prices normally rise faster than inflation, at least in the UK. You can move up the ladder when circumstances are right for you.

    Really glad you found somewhere nice. *smile*

    But is there room for all your books, writing tools, your daughter AND Helli? *grin*

  9. Marnee says:

    The new place looks great! I just got around to checking out the pics. 🙂 Love the kitchen. I want to update my kitchen. *pouts*

    Go you for going after what you want, girlie!

  10. TerriOsburn says:

    Thanks, Q! Yes, it is definitely a plunge and these moments of feeling as if I’m under water and unable to breathe are happening with more and more frequency. I’m finding the waiting to be the worst part. Gives me too much time to procrastinate!

    I know Marn left a comment but for some reason, it’s not showing up. Weird.

  11. irisheyes says:

    Hey, Ter! Congrats! Once you get started you’re like a steamroller. There’s just no stopping you.

    The place looks awesome. I’m with Vagi – I like bright and sunny! I grew up in dark and dreary and I think I’m forever trying to let the sun in. LOL

    I think it’s karma – you’ve got the good kind coming around in spades – Enjoy!

  12. TerriOsburn says:

    Irish – You’re exactly right but somehow I keep rolling that steamroller over myself. *sigh* I hope you’re right about the karma!

    I’m in a sort of limbo now, waiting another month before I can actually get the keys and get to work. Good thing I have this little conference coming up in two weeks to keep me distracted. 🙂

  13. How did I never figure out you have a blog? LOL I’m so excited for you — July has been berry berry good to you. 🙂

    Oh, and as soon as Hellion is out the door, I’ll take my week(s). LOL Hey, I’ve got all that Navy SEAL training, right? 🙂

  14. TerriOsburn says:

    Hey there, woman! You found me! LOL! And you’ve reminded me I need to update this thing. Let’s hope my luck holds out for the end of the month and I get those requests!

    You’re welcome anytime! If you can stand sleeping on the couch, you don’t even have to wait for Hellie to leave. LOL!

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