Another New Adventure Begins or Bats in My Belfry

I have been remiss in updating this blog, but I have a good reason. I wish I could say it was because I was writing the next great American novel, but no. I had a major project due for school and when I wasn’t working on it, because lets be honest and admit I put it off way longer than I should have, I was thinking and stressing about it. But, it was turned in this Tuesday (almost complete *sigh*) so other than a couple of final exams, I’m done for the next few weeks. Whoot!

Then I begin the slide into home. Which is ironic as I’ve gone and done something insane that will require me to teach little girls how to slide into home. That’s right, while writing my final paper for school (and taking a sociology course) I’ll be coaching eleven little girls, ages 7 to 9, in modified fast pitch softball. Have I coached softball before? Nope.

I’m still not sure what possessed me to volunteer. Rather, I know what possessed me I just wish I’d had the willpower to fight the need to be the savior. You see, my daughter’s team had no coach and if someone didn’t step forward, they were going to have to refund the money and seven little girls would not get to play. Since the four that would be moved to the other two teams would be based on who registered first, there’s a chance my kiddo would still get to play. But I didn’t know for sure and I didn’t want the other girls to lose out. So, I stepped forward. Damn it.

We are the Neptunes and our first practice is this coming Monday. I figure for the next few months at least I’ll have an interesting blog topic. (Like how parents react when you curse from the center of the field.) So far, the only girl on my team I know has played before is my own daughter. Which means we’re starting from scratch and I have less than a month to teach these little girls everything they need to know about the game of softball. I played for almost 15 years, so I know the game. Which means I also know there’s no way I can teach them everything they need to know in less than a month. Not with 120 minutes worth of practice a week.

But I’m staying positive. Some parents have already offered to step forward and help out. So I’m running on the idea that all of these girls have been gifted with natural talent and this is going to be a dream gig. I’ve decided they can call me Coach T and as soon as I get used to the fact that that’s me, I’ll try to answer as best I can.

Have you ever done something you knew wasn’t the best idea but you just couldn’t stop yourself? Did it turn out well? Any coaching advice? Anyone have any spare medication they’d like to send my way?

15 thoughts on “Another New Adventure Begins or Bats in My Belfry”

  1. Quantum says:

    Well done Terri!
    Its great to see you supporting the youngsters in this way and I’m sure they and their moms will all luv yah for it. No coaching advice to offer but you don’t need it. Your a natural *grin*

    Reading yet another episode in your amazing life it occurs to me that while Celi is having a rest you could have a stunning novel just waiting to be written, and its all their under your nose!

    DJ extraordinaries breaks up with unfaithful husband and keeps delightful daughter. Joins the naval branch of the US military and wreaks havoc in the intelligence department (OK I’m guessing there). While undercover in the military she flourishes as glamorous internet romance commentator, helping to create writing careers and boost reputations. As a little mystery there is even an anonymous oversees admirer who sends romantic valentines.

    Sounds a pretty good launching platform to me! *smile*

  2. terrio says:

    You are clearly a plotter, Q. LOL! You even got it all right except the military connection. I work in support of the military, but not in the intelligence area. In fact, if you met the people I work with you’d know there’s little intelligence involved. 🙂

  3. terrio says:

    And I do love that overseas admirer who sends lovely valentines. If I can’t get them on this continent, it’s good I can get them from another. 🙂

  4. irisheyes says:

    Way to go, Terri! You’ll be an awesome coach.

    I was never into the whole kid’s sports thing until, of course, my two little ones wanted to play. Now, every spring (and sometimes fall) we go into sports mode. My son plays baseball and my daughter plays softball. Practices at least twice a week and games at least once or twice a week.

    This is the first year the DH is actually going to be a spectator instead of a coach. He would alternate between the two of them each season. I know he’ll get drafted though once we show up. He’ll end up raking and marking the fields, keeping score or coaching a base.

    My one big observation that I’ve made over the past 5-6 years: The best coaches are those that teach the game not try to win! They’ve both had both kinds of coaches and have enjoyed the season and the game a whole lot more when the coach wasn’t so focused on winning, winning, winning.

  5. I do crap I don’t want to do every day, and always have. I was a room mother, a volunteer art teacher, a Brownie troop chauffeur. No coaching though, because I am not a jockette. At all. That was my husband’s deal. I was a spectator though, for Little League, soccer, wrestling, tennis, football, softball, basketball and cheerleading. Plays, too. Whew.

    You will get a lot out of those little girls’ grins. Bless you!

  6. terrio says:

    Irish – I have coached bases before for Kiddo’s teams, but I’ve managed to avoid the head coach/team mom roles until now. It’s that damn habit I have of taking things over. Why did I have to be born a Capricorn?! Thanks for the sweet words. Our first practice is today and I’m actually nervous. I just can’t wrap my head around where to start when I know most of them have never played at all.

    Maggie – You should get some kind of Mom of the Millenium award for all that. LOL! My mom had to deal with softball and volleyball for a time. Then softball and band. Then back to just softball but by then I was out of HS and she didn’t come much. She would have frowned at the mix of bats and alcohol. LOL!

    Good thing my team parents don’t read this….

  7. Stephanie J says:

    So exciting! I think it’s great that you stepped forward to guarantee that the girls would have a team. Plus, I’m sure your daughter will look back and be so happy that you coached her. My dad coached our soccer teams and I loved it!

    I can’t wait to hear all the team updates! 🙂

  8. terrio says:

    Thanks for the enthusiasm, Steph. We had our first practice tonight and I actually had a blast. These little girls are ADORABLE!!

    The only bad thing is that I’ll be totally amazed if I can move when I wake up tomorrow. LOL! Everything hurts already!!!

  9. irisheyes says:

    Aren’t they cute, Ter? I love watching my kids play ball, especially because they’re actually getting good! LOL

    But there is something about watching my girl that just tickles me. First of all, she’s nothing like her mother. I definitely throw like a girl and run like a girl – very embarrassing. She’s a great athlete, though, and it’s fun to watch her progress. Secondly, she loves the game. Baffles my mind – but she does and it shows.

  10. terrio says:

    Irish – They really are adorable, but SO tiny. And it’s funny that my daughter is just like me when it comes to softball. I loved the game from the time I was 8 and I put a glove on. Played every spring and fall until I was over 20. Kiddo loves it and we’ve set a goal of this being her ride to a college scholarship. Of course, we’re going to have to work on the grades too. LOL! One thing at a time!

  11. irisheyes says:

    We have that whole college thing happening where I live too! Some of these girls are amazing! The pitching is unbelievable. My daughter wanted to try it last year and I made her get one of those goofy looking masks. My daughter is 75 lbs soaking wet and kind of tiny but with a big personality. Never walks away from a challenge. We all know she’s not going to make it to college on her athletic ability, but some of these girls she plays with have a real chance.

    The big thing now that they’re both getting older is travel!! UGH! Talk about time and $$$! She was a sub on a travel team last year (the coach liked her personality and said she brought a lot of positive energy to the team) and we all decided it was way too much!

    Good luck with Isabelle. That’s great that she loves to play – that’s half the battle.

  12. terrio says:

    How old is your daughter? Mine past 100lbs a while back and she’s only 9. *sigh* It’s so frustrating when they grow out of their clothes almost hourly.

    Attitude counts for a lot! I have this one little girl that has enough enthusiasm to carry us through the desert. LOL! She has no idea what she’s doing but she’s more than willing to make it up as she goes along.

  13. irisheyes says:

    My daughter is going to be 14 this fall, but very petite. I always tell my kids they don’t have much luck with the genes we gave them. I’m 5 feet and the DH is 5’7″. Not a whole lot to work with there.

    I’ve been spoiled with the growing out of clothes thing. She’s actually at the point where she’s old enough for a certain style but doesn’t have the body type for it – which is very frustrating for her. She doesn’t want to shop in the kids department anymore – she wants junior clothes but can’t fill them out. Clothes shopping has turned into a nightmare. I’m paying for the fact that when she was younger she could go 2-3 seasons in the same outfits. LOL

    As far as softball is concerned, she knows the rules of the game and is totally focused. She’s usually at shortstop screaming out the plays to all her teammates…”1 out, plays at 3rd, look alive!!!” It’s really quite hilarious hearing these loud booming calls coming from such a little thing.

  14. Janga says:

    I wish the nine-year-old grand did play. I think it would be great for her. But the boys play soccer, football, basketball, and baseball. I’m sunburned now from watching a game yesterday. I think our little guy’s team must be a male version of yours,Terri, except it’s baseball with boys and girls. He and one other are the only ones who have played before, and they haven’t won a game yet. Our boy made two outs (He’s the catcher) and three runs yesterday though, so he was happy despite the loss. In his words, “At least it’s not my fault we lost.” 🙂

  15. terrio says:

    Irish – She IS little. We have the opposite problem though Kiddo doesn’t mind at all dressing older than her age. *sigh*

    Janga – I’m worried we won’t win very often, but if we break even I’ll be very happy. It’s ironic that I had to step forward because no one else would and now I have at least 4 other parents offering to help. Sure, now they want to help. As long as they don’t have to do all the official headache stuff. LOL!

    I love that your little guy is the team star. Kiddo is the best hitter we have so here’s hoping we can get some girls on base then she can knock them in.

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