And They Keep On Coming…

I must first apologize for my serious neglect of this blog. It’s been more than a month since I posted, but do not be fooled that nothing is going on. In fact, I’d be very happy to settle into nothing going on.

Let’s start from the top.

As most of you know, I attended the RWA National Conference in Florida at the end of last month. My first trip to Disney World was a little hotter than I’d have liked, but I rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride (quite lame actually) and a few other things. My real quest was just to be there. To see Cinderella’s Castle and that giant ball in Epcot and the famous rides in the Hollywood park. I did all of those things and a bit more, so I declare that part of the trip a success.

As for the other part of the trip, the whole reason this lovely excursion is tax deductible, that was a success as well. I pitched both my erotic romance short story and my full-length Contemporary Single Title, receivingd full requests on both. Though both need a bit of work before they can go whirling through cyberspace, I’m proud of them and feeling good about their chances. And there’s always the extensive query-palooza coming up this fall, so no tears if these come back as rejections.

About the house. THAT has been the real roller coaster ride, which everyone said it would be. One week we’re trucking along with everything running smooth, the next week everything grinds to a halt and the road turns bumpy to the point of hitting giant speed bumps and if not stop signs, then the Yield ones.

Now that I’ve killed that metaphor, suffice it to say, we’re back to moving right along. A bit of last minute renegotiating had to happen and we’re waiting for one final signature, but that should arrive any minute and then we’re back in business. Closing should be next Monday, though I’m ready for just about anything between now and then.

Kiddo’s forced exile will wrap up in less than three weeks, or maybe soon. She’s debating coming home early and I’m crossing my fingers she does. I’m more than ready for her to be home. In addition to missing her like crazy and needing her food police expertise to get me back on track, I need help packing this crap up!

School supplies are purchased, large bags of clothes are ready for charity, and the mad rush of scheduling movers and address/utility forwarding should commence next week. I’ll try to do better and post in the middle of the chaos, and promise if all goes well, I’ll have “after” pictures of the new place by this time next month.

Any tips on moving, sending a kiddo off to middle school, or adding more hours to the day? All input welcome and encouraged!

PS: As if you couldn’t tell, changed the look of the blog again. I think this is my favorite so far. What do you think?

6 thoughts on “And They Keep On Coming…”

  1. Stephanie J says:

    I think the new look is great!

    My one moving recommendation is to label, label, label. So often we put the room on the box but how long does it take us to unpack those boxes and figure out where we left the glue gun? I wish you a happy and stress-free move!

  2. 2nd Chance says:

    Stephanie is right, label everything. I’d date the boxes. And if in 6 months you haven’t touched it…toss it. If you didn’t miss it, you don’t need it.

    Meanwhile, keep a nice stock of Tums available.

    And I like the look of the blog. Man, I need to get one of these things for myself!


  3. Terri, I like the books on the side — it looks like my TBR pile. LOL

    And I agree that labeling is a great idea — if nothing else, you don’t have to unpack something as quickly that way (like BOOKS!)

    I wish I knew how to add more hours to the day, although then I’d feel guilty about wasting THOSE too. LOL

  4. TerriOsburn says:

    Hey, Steph! I usually only label by room, but that’s a great idea. Boxes will included more details of the contents. (Though I don’t own a glue gun. LOL!)

    Chance – There won’t be anything I won’t touch for 6 months because all that stuff is going before I ever move.

    Donna – You and mine both!

    Now, for the update. Around 8 tonight I found out there’s another hold up. This one is going to be harder to resolve, so now we’re back on hold.

    I’m really looking forward to when I can get off this roller coaster. *sigh*

  5. Janga says:

    I hope you’re off the roller coaster soon. But then you’ll be back on the merry-go-round. 🙂

    Congrats on the requests! You accomplished so much this year, and it’s only a bit over half over. There’s no predicting what your next 2010 announcement will be.

    Love the new look! All those books are like a welcome sign.

  6. TerriOsburn says:

    You know, Janga, a coworker I haven’t seen for a while came in today and said “Congratulations.” I had to ask, “For which thing?” LOL! I hadn’t realized there was so much crap going on in my life!

    Funny how you can’t see the mess while you’re sitting in the middle of it. Kind of like trying to write a book and seeing the whole story at once. Just can’t do it.

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