This weekend I’m attending the Georgia Romance Writers Moonlight & Magnolias Conference in Decatur, GA. My registration went in six months ago so I’ve had plenty of time to plan. Have I? Don’t be silly.

I’m now in the throes of conference panic, trying to remember what to pack while not freaking about pitching. And then there’s the cleaning my house from top to bottom in preparation for visitors. That’s right, I’m having visitors WHILE I’m at the conference.

My family is coming to stay with  Kiddo and have a little fall vacation at the beach. I’ll leave before they arrive and return after they’ve left. (Sounds odd but it works out, trust me.) This seemed like a good idea when I came up with it. Now, not so much.

Packing and cleaning do not work well in tandem. (She says, pointing out the obvious.) So I’ve been bouncing between the two and thought I had it under control. Fatal mistake I make often. The only thing stronger than my control freak nature is my ability to delude myself.

The floors will be vacuumed. The sheets will be changed. Beyond that, they’re roughing it. And I hope there are stores close to the conference hotel because no matter how hard I try, I know I’m going to forget something.

If you’re going to M&M or any other conference, Nicki Salcedo offered up a great conference checklist on Twitter. I’m hoping this will cut down on my forgetfulness!

Quick plug: My entry is still up in the Mills & Boon New Voices 2011 contest.

Sam Tillman broke Harley Dandridge’s heart. Or maybe she broke his. Now the one-time lovers have a second chance, until a fifteen year old secret changes everything. The story of a Country music star on his way down and the woman he never got over.

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