Goodness, it’s been way too long. Let me see if I can condense recent events…

New Jersey Writer’s Conference
Incredible. Those ladies put on one hell of a conference and I can’t imagine ever missing it. I can’t say I long to ever drive in NJ again but once a year I can probably handle. The workshops were great, the people were warm, welcoming and supportive. The speakers made us laugh and cry, the agents/editors were gracious and encouraging, and the weather was even perfect. Hot in October in New Jersey. Who’d a thunk?

The two coolest parts were meeting Sherrilyn Kenyon (who is incredible beyond words) and having dinner with Eloisa James and Julia Quinn along with the other Bon Bons. I met people I’ve talked with online for more than a year and spent time with a couple of my CRW chapter-mates. The trip was a success and I’m more than happy I went.

New position. It’s very odd when so many things fall into place at one time. Curious about my future with the company, I consulted my boss on a Thursday regarding my next move. She explained if I could wait until after the first of the year, I’d be all set. No problem. Within the next two days, two employees put in their notice and within two weeks another one would leave suddenly. I now have a new job (admin assistant), a new office and I’m SO excited to have work to do. No more playing at work. Ok, so I’m writing this while at work. Maybe *less* playing at work.

Life in General
Hectic and crazy as ever. Two college (online) course, one major ecourse and a child playing softball. Don’t forget about the full-time job. Oh, and attempting to write a book. Can we say “tired”? LOL! I think I have my school stuff under control for now, I’m still way behind on the e-course (probably won’t catch up until some time in November!) but the softball team gets better with every game. Isabelle loves it and I’m enjoying coaching first base. Well, until those little girls hit me in the knee with the ball – that wasn’t so fun. The pretty purple bruise has now turned an ugly yellow-green. I managed to get a request for a partial during the conference so I’m trying my best to get the first 3 chaps cleaned up nice and pretty. Wish me luck!

So, other than the visit to the people ER and the animal ER all in one night this weekend, we’re all caught up. Not to worry, Wee One and I are fine. It’s much too long a story to go into but suffice it to say, I don’t want to experience a night like that ever again. *g*

Anyone else attend a conference lately? Get a new job? Stretch yourself to the brink of exhaustion? It can’t be only me…

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  1. I am so glad you went to the conference and loved it. I admit I have mega-trepidation about RWA things, but do hope to get to SF if possible. The college/online courses would kill me at this point; I toook a class last semester to get my certification renewed—only once a week and hardly any serious work but I bitched about it nevertheless. Now I don’t have to take anything until 2014…at which point I might be dead or retired or curled up in a little ball in the corner talking to myself.

  2. Santa says:

    For me being stretched to the point of exhaustion is a permanent state of mind. Like you I juggle so many balls I have duck on a regular basis otherwise they’d all clock me in the head at once.

    It’s hard to do but I’m forever shifting everything around to give my writing the biggest priority. It doesn’t always happen that way but it makes for an interesting ride.

    Sorry to hear about your knee. Terri and I exchanged aches and pains (her knees and my feet), as well as, a few laughs and conference confidentials. Nothing *secrets* worthy but enlightening, none the less.

    It was a great conference and ER visits stink on ice no matter how you slice it. Glad to hear the you and your girl are fine. Happy to hear the job is going so well!

    See you around the blogs!

  3. terrio says:

    Maggie – we are all going to have so much fun in San Fran. I toyed with not going but I can’t miss it. And I’ve never been to California so I’m looking forward to it.

    Yeehee! One of my friends I got to meet in person. Santa, I had a great time and you were part of the reason. A big part. Now I just wish we lived closer to each other. I’d love to hang out with you more often!

  4. Janga says:

    My stressed out, totally exhausted period has ended–temporarily anyway. It will strike again when the next deadline approaches. But things are pretty cool right now. My teaching load is manageable. I can grade essays in batches of eight, which is good for me and my students. I have time to write and time to play. For the moment, life is lovely.

    Maybe I should take one of those online writing courses. I love being a student. I could have stayed in grad school forever if not for the neccessity of earning a living.

    Conferences are a trial for my introverted soul. Too much time without retreats into my private world makes mr angst-ridden and sometimes downright bitchy. I do wish I could join the group in San Fran though. Somebody should text message me when a Golden Heart is won by a Bon Bon/Vanette/Fanlitter (any one or any combination of the above).

  5. terrio says:

    Janga – so happy to hear all is well. If you love being a student, you’d love a Margie Lawson course. This one is half over but I believe she’s teaching another one online in January. Check out her website.

    Everyone who takes her courses gets Margie-ized and there are several in this class I’m taking who have taken it before and loved it so much they’re taking it again.

    I so wish you could make it to San Fran with the rest of us.

  6. Tessa Dare says:

    You’re a marvel! Good for you for taking on so many challenges. I’m sure you’re going to rise to each one. I know I’ve loved everything I’ve read of your book!

  7. terrio says:

    Thanks for stopping by Tessa. “So many challenges”. LOL! That’s such a positive spin on my insanity.

    Right now I’m holding out for the day I have *less* challenges.

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